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OBSESSED: Coco for coconut water

The Scoop:

Coconut everything, is everywhere all the time. Coconut oil is a holy grail product for so many people. (even my dad, hey daddy!) It's magic in a bottle, I agree. But who are we to forget its cousin, coconut water. The real OG. @vitacoco coconut water is lit and I'm obsessed. 

If you've tried CW before and hated it, I understand. It can be a bit bland especially if it's not the freshest. But vitacoco water has real fruit flavors in them. My favorite is the peach & mango!

Coconut water is super good at hydrating us, particularly after a workout ( it replaces the electrolytes lost from your sweat session!) or just drink it for the yumminess. 


Rating: 5 coconuts

P.S. I tweeted @vitacoco & told them that the only way I can be friends with someone is if they dig their coconut water.  haha, Here's what they said:




Grab some Vitacoco Here

#Imobsessed, soon you'll be too.

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Dinner Lab X You Me Lunch

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