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Chicken & Waffles + OITNB (no Netflix necessary)

Chicken & Waffles + OITNB (no Netflix necessary)

So there I am. (well, we, friends + sister+ mom) are in Los Angeles having a weekend brunch. We were super tired from our hike up Runyon Canyon, the day before. -mhm some of us were tired-- The hike was great, L.A. has the most beautiful scenic views that an east coast gal could ever ask for. While I was hiking up one of the steepest hills, I turned to the left a bit and spot Daya from Orange is the New Black. Part of me wanted to be a crazy fan and the other part is trying not to stand apart too much from the chill vibes of the west coast folks. So I just waved, she waved back & my friends and I were gitty for a second. Our first [and only] celebrity sighting and we were satisfied with that. 

Right, back to brunch. So there I am, in the golden state, having a great time and ordering breakfast at 'The Waffle' on Sunset Blvd. I look up from my menu and peep this cutie walk in. I do a double take and it's Romeo Miller, just trying to causally sneak in and walk straight to the back. Of course, Daya walks in next. At this point, I'm like alright this is our second day seeing her we have to get a picture. I didn't want to blow their obvious attempt at being low-key, so we waited until other fans started chatting them up. We went over and talked to her + took a picture. She is literally the nicest, sweetest person and so genuine. I love OITNB so much more now. Bennett better stop playing with my girl Daya and come back to Litchfield!


The Ambiance 

Obviously the ambiance was perfect because I saw two celebs, duh. The place has a very diner-casual vibe. We sat in round booth seats that could probably fit about six people. Kind of retro, but still very 'west coast casual'. It's a thing. 


The Service

Brunch is serious everywhere but especially in L.A., so we weren't expecting a ten minute wait. When we first got there, the host told us that the wait would be about 30-45 mins and it actually ended up being a tad shorter, not too bad! Our server here was very patient with us not knowing what we wanted and running rounds of mimosas + coffee back and forth. The menu was your typical 'waffle house' or casual brunch menu. Nothing too fancy. The waiter was super cool by explaining and recommending different waffles to us. 


The Food

I ordered the Cornmeal Jalapeno waffle, which comes with two fried chicken breasts and collard greens. They call the greens, 'ol school' because they're cooked with bacon and are reminiscent of Big Mamas. ( I added that part lol) Also came with sawmill gravy, which was delicious considering that I'm not a crazy gravy lady. This  waffle was delivered to me straight from the heavens. It tasted straight up like a corn muffin, no lie. It was perfect and I'm glad ordered it. The chicken was crispy and golden, while the greens were definitely some of the best I've ever ordered. Roscoes got some competition. My meal was too BOMB.

The crew ordered red velvet waffle w/ cream cheese frosting, sticky bun waffle and three-egg breakfast. FIRST OF ALL, THAT STICKY BUN WAFFLE THOUGH. It tasted just like a cinnamon bun and had a sweet, thick syrup oozing out. The red velvet waffle and the eggs were about as good as restaurant eggs get. To say the least, we were wobbling out of 'The Waffle'. 



Rating: 4 cups of those collard greens 



Check out The Waffle in L.A. (includes bomb waffles + possible OITNB celeb sighting. maybe)

6255 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-6901

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Follow Daya on IG: @sheisdash




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Grilled Cheese Heaven

Grilled Cheese Heaven

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Because searching for THESE doughnuts in every new city should be a sport