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Sushi + Burrito = Buredo + me fainting

Sushi + Burrito = Buredo + me fainting

The Scoop: My mom and I headed on down the freeway in route to Georgetown, D.C. We went to get Georgetown Cupcakes -the usual. On the way there I spotted a freaking delicious looking SUSHI BURRITO on the @dcfoodporn Insta and almost fainted right then and there. Able to keep breathing, I asked my mom (What am I 12?) could we hurry there after we got our sweets. She didn't mind as long as it was on the way home, so of course I said it was. Long story short, I was an hour late for work for this sushi buredo + DMV traffic and I'm not ashamed at all. 

The Ambience: Modern furniture + minimal design made this really easy on the eye. There's a big wooden 'first supper' style table in the center of the joint. A beautiful mural filled the menu wall and brought some color to the room.

The Service: Apparently, this place gets a crazy line around lunchtime most days, but it seems as though I just missed it- yay! The service was quick and easy and as I've said on the blog before- glass food lines so I can peek at my food is always a plus. Can I say it was like a Chipotle but for sushi? Yeah, Chipotle for sushi. So yummy. 

The Food: I mean I've heard of a sushi burrito before but I'd never actually saw one. Seems like a very L.A. food/restaurant concept. Way cool in my book. Mom and I ordered the 'Crazy 88' (Pork, Carrot, Kimchi Slaw, Red Onion, Cucumber, Corn, Jalapeno, Baja Sauce) The pork was obviously marinated, juicy yet kinda tasted like tuna because of all the flavors. This particular roll was sold as 'spicy and bold' and it could've been more spicy. Maybe next time I'll ask for extra Jalapeno, Kimchi and maybe Srircha. Nonetheless, it still blew me away- I couldn't even wait until we got home. Buredo is definitely one way to feel more full from sushi compared to traditional rolls. It was like eating a sandwich. They offer both meat & veggie lovers options + salads and snacks. Next time I will have to try a salad. If you love sushi, you'll love BUREDO. 


P.S. Buredo please expand to other parts of the DMV that are closer to me, Thanks. 


Rating: 5 crazy 88's

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825 14th St. NW,
Washington DC

Monday-Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 12pm-5pm

(202) 670-6770

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Greasy Burger Joint is an American Treasure: #westcoastbestcoast

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