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HOT SPOT: Cool Haus; Culver City, California

Hi there #YML readers, 

Here's to a new blog post series 'Hot Spot', where I'll review the hottest places to eat in the hottest cities. Trendy places that you've probably seen on Instagram. Less words, more drooling content so you can add these places to your foodie bucket list (c'mon, we all have one). Without further ado:

Cool Haus

Amazing ice cream sammies located in the arts district of Culver City in Los Angeles. The scoops here are amazing with plenty of flavors to sample and combine, like I did. The menu consists of ice cream, cookies, soda floats, milkshakes + more. With outrageously good flavors like pizza flavored ice cream & avocado sea salt. #mmmohmygod (I'm not f'n lying) 

Cool Haus has got you covered on both coasts with food trucks in New York, LA and Dallas. + they sell pints and pops in retailers nationwide! (yippie)

Fun Fact: The paper that they wrap your sammie in is edible, so don't be afraid to get messy.

Btw: My Ice cream sandwich was one snicker doodle, one chocolate chip w/ 'fried chicken and waffle' + vanilla bean ice cream. #forthewin


Rating: 5 Sammies

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Sundays are for hungover brunch + rooftops

Sundays are for hungover brunch + rooftops