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Matchbox in D.C. : It's Lit.

Matchbox in D.C. : It's Lit.

The Scoop:

Matchbox in DC is one of my new favorite spots. It's a must-stop when you're in town. The pizza is legendary, but there's so much more to explore on this menu.

The Ambiance:

Matchbox's vibes remind me very much of a sushi bar in Baltimore called XS--Baltimoreans know what's up. It's located in a huge, old brick building. Covered in hard wood floors, you are greeted by a bar on the first floor. The open wood staircase leads to upstairs were there is more private seating. One of the cutest touches was the vintage matchboxes in the glass beneath the table. I love small + simple decor like that!

The Service:

Our server here was excellent. He convinced me to try out the special of the night, which I ended up loving! It was nameless, but consisted of fried chicken rounds stuffed with mac + cheese on a bed of grits + collard greens. So creative and beautifully presented. 

The Food: 

The meal began with Lumpia for an appetizer. Lumpia is a type of spring roll, originating in China. However, the roll is especially popular in the Philippines( and other parts of southeast Asia). I've wanted to try Lumpia for a while, being that some of my family is of Filipino descent. Loved it and especially the vinaigrette for dipping.      

Again, I ordered the special. We also ordered a pizza--simply amazing. Half of the pizza was the

"Matchbox pizza"- pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, bacon, zesty tomato sauce and mozzarella. Other half was

"Prosciutto white"- Kalamata olives, garlic puree, ricotta, mozzarella, EVOO. 

All I can say is that the pizza is a must have. Like don't go to matchbox and not get pizza. They used the freshest ingredients I've tasted on pizza in a long time. The temperature was just right and nothing was overdone or underdone. I can't even think about that damn prosciutto anymore. Lovely. Drool now:

Rating: 5 Kalamata Olives

Here's the menu 

Seriously, add Matchbox to your DC list. It's urgent. 

WTF?!?: More Matchbox locations coming to Virginia, Florida, Texas + 1 in California already! 

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Follow me to London: HOT SPOT; KIOSK @ Kings Cross

Follow me to London: HOT SPOT; KIOSK @ Kings Cross

Sweeeet Baby Jesus

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