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Sweeeet Baby Jesus

Sweeeet Baby Jesus

The Scoop:

So allow me to fill you in. The Blue Moon Cafe in Fell's Point in Baltimore is LEGENDARY. I'm talking they've been on Food Network famous. They're most famous for two things, one being the captain crunch french toast and sweet baby jesus. Lawd. Seems like your readyyyy *R. Kelly voice*. Let's go!

The Ambiance:

Blue Moon has a very chill vibe. No one wears their Sunday's best here, however it's very cute + casual. The place is funky, with walls sporting local artists' work. It's a super quaint cafe that holds about 50 people. Mostly table setting, but also has a small bar area. Very homey and comfy. 

The Service:

Because of BM's popularity, proximity to Fell's Point and small dining area, the wait is....well worth it. The menu even says so! No matter when you go there will be some sort of wait, but I recommend going before noon. We got there at about 11:15 am and only waited 25 mins. Here's the menu while you wait!

The servers are so hospitable being able to make honest recommendations. I always appreciate that. 

The Food:

Y'all ain't ready for this. I sure wasn't. I could only imagine how the captain crunch french toast would be, but never did I think it would be this delicious. Seriously, I never order french toast. I'm more of a waffle girl. This french toast is next level good with the perfect amount of crunch and crispiness. You can actually see the pieces of captain crunch in the bread + it was topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream and captain crunch, of course. The best part was it's so fluffy that you don't even need to reach for the syrup. Crazy right?

Sweet baby jesus, what I was saying the whole time but, also the name of a uber popular Blue Moon dish. Sweet baby jesus, is hash browns, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and crabmeat. Oh my, I've seriously never tasted something so good. Seasoned to perfection, but unless you're a 6'6 guy (my brother) please don't order this thinking you can eat it all. I had to share mine and I eat a lot. 

Food was kind of pricey, but it's what I expected for seafood and ordering two of their most popular dishes. It was worth it. The wait, the money. Everything. 


Rating: 5 sweet baby jesus'

The first time you visit The Blue Moon Cafe please do yourself a favor and order this. Then explore on your next outing. I promise you, this is the meal they don't want you to eat. So we're gonna' eat.

Fun Fact: Blue Moon is open 24 hours on the weekend. 


See ya there!



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