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Not your fathers BBQ-- Better.

Not your fathers BBQ-- Better.

The Scoop:

New years day 2016. My two best friends and I are heading to a cafe that I wanted them to try. As we approach the door, our stomachs turning, Khaila reaches for the door. It's locked. We're sad. Seriously, on New Years day? I mean I get that people want to go home to there families, but most of us just want to eat. We needed to soak up all the champagne from last night. After sitting down in two restaurants and not feeling the vibes, we settled for Dinosuar Bar-b-que. However, we didn't settle at all. It's the best damn barbecue I've ever had--sorry mom and dad. 

The Ambiance:

Dinosaur was super cool inside. Wooden floor and blinds. Very cute and typical of a southern-inspired restaurant. 

Fun Fact: Dinosaur barbecue isn't southern at all. It started in Syracuase, New York. 

The Service: 

Probably the best server experiences, I've had in a very long time, maybe ever. His name was Ken. Middle aged guy who's been working in the BBQ food biz for over thirty years. Ken knows his sh*t. He was so knowledgeable of the menu and what good BBQ is. Offering beer pairings + pushing us to try new things. 

We would have never gotten the sampler appetizers, Ben and Jerry's salted caramel beer or the BBQ fried rice without his enthusiasm for food. So refreshing to get someone who's so passionate about food. It was truly a conversation rather than a sale. Thanks Ken!


I’ve been doing this for over thirty years and I’m still hungry.
— Ken

The Food:

This food needs no introduction. I ordered the "Pick Two" (two meats, two sides, cornbread) for 16.95 and got all this food. mmmmmohmygod. We also ordered the 'Swag Sampler Plate' with: chicken wings, creole deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, spicy shrimp boil. LIT.

1. St.Louis Ribs

2. Roasted whipped sweet potatoes

3. BBQ friend rice (way better than Chinese fried rice, but similar)

4. Beef Brisket


The ribs were perfect, fall-of-the-bone vibes. I hate ribs with so much sauce on it that I can't taste the meat how I want to. Dinosaur slow cooks their meats for 14 hours. Crazy?! That explains the juiciness of the brisket + ribs.

Nya & Khaila ordered the mac and cheese (best restaurant mac ever), collard greens and smoked sausage. 

Rating: 5 plates of briskets

Here's Baltimore Menu

Dinosaur locations

I am now obsessed and will be going to Dinosuar Bar-b-que any time I'm in NY, CT etc. Join me!






You. Me. Lunch. started as a saying between my best friend, Khaila, and I. It's been our way of saying 'see ya later' since we were seven years old. I guess you can say I'm an actual food baby.


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Sweeeet Baby Jesus

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