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5 Things You Need To Do Before Traveling Internationally

5 Things You Need To Do Before Traveling Internationally


So you've just booked your first flight out of the country! Congrats, you're in the big leagues now. Now what? Before you get too excited and start packing your bags there's a few things you should do to prepare for your big day.

Here are five tips to help you travel like a pro internationally: 

1. Check Your Passport

Of course, your passport is a crucial part of your international journey. Before jetting off to your destination, be sure that your passport (and any necessary visas) are up to date and not expiring anytime soon. You don't want any problems with border control! 

2. Make Copies Of Important Documents

Whenever I travel out of the country I make copies of my passport, birth certificate and license. All of these things can help identify you in any given situation. YML&T TIP: Always make two copies of your passport (one to keep on you, one for your suitcase) just in case it gets stolen or lost. 

3. Notify Your Bank

Please, please, please tell your bank that you're traveling abroad and what countries you'll be in. You don't want to be shopping on Oxford Street and your card gets declined. Some banks will see a foreign transactions and automatically put a stop on your card, for fear of fraudulent use. This is also a good time to request some foreign currency for your travel destinations.  

4. Check To See If You Need Any Vaccines

If you're traveling extensively, you may want to get a flu shot because you'll be coming in contact with a lot of people. You can check your destination website to see if they've had any disease outbreaks recently. I was told that there was an serious outbreak in one of the places I'll be visiting soon. Immediately, I contacted my doctor about my medical safety and vaccines. Don't skip this step! 

5. Learn The Language

 You don't need to go completely Rosetta Stone for your trip, but you should know some basics. It's a nice gesture to try to speak the language and locals will love you for it. Pick up a travel book or download the Triplingo app to your phone. Make it a note to learn basic greetings, asking where the bathroom is and how to order certain foods/drinks. You'll be happy that you did. 


What else is on your international travel checklist? 

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