How To Travel Like a Pro: Travel Apps

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Every time I travel I get lost. Shit, sometimes I get lost in my own city. It's a given that you might get lost while on your travels as well. Don't fret! Here are the best travel apps on the market: 

City Mapper

City Mapper is truly the Ultimate Travel app. I discovered it while living in London and used it almost everyday. It's available in 38 major cities across Europe & the U.S. and will get you where you need to go. I love all the transportation options City Mapper gives you. They'll include all the ways to get to your destination: Bus, Metro, Bikes, Rail, Ferry and walking directions. My favorite feature of the app is that you can set alerts to tell you which stop to get off at. One night in London, I was super sleepy on the bus ride home, so I set City Mapper to alert me when I should hop off. This is especially helpful when you're traveling into lands unknown! 


Google Trips  

I'm really excited to be using Google Trips during my upcoming EuroTrip. The app is perfect for the modern traveler who doesn't have international data; Google Trips works offline. Before you leave, you can download everything (itineraries, reservations, accommodations and directions to must-see sights) straight to your phone. You can plan the travel time to each location in advance allowing you to see more! 


What are your favorite travel apps? 

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P.S. Sometimes getting lost isn't all bad. Make the best of your trip and get lost on purpose and then use the apps to get you back home!



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