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Hostel Myths 101: Why you should choose Hostels

Hostel Myths 101: Why you should choose Hostels

This isn't some B.S. post convincing you that hostels are the cream-of-the-crop and that you should never stay in hotels or Airbnb. The truth is, sometimes hostels suck, but most times they don't. If you're traveling extensively, hostels are often the cheapest option. I've met some of the coolest people ever in hostels too. Hostels have come a long way from creepy motels with bunk beds, they are places to meet fellow travelers and often feature bars or common room for mingling. 

Here's how to choose the right hostel and forget all those myths:  

1. Use Hostelworld to book

Using Hostelworld to find and book your hostel is the best option. It's the most comprehensive and user-friendly site. Make sure you read the reviews. Guests who have stayed there before will give you insider tips, which will help you to make your decision. Reviews are essential to picking the best hostel for you. 

2. Book Ensuite rooms

Honestly, there's nothing worse than sharing a bathroom with an entire floor of people. Sounds like freshman year of university, so make sure you book an 'ensuite' room. Ensuite rooms will have a bathroom inside of your room, so you won't have to walk down the hall in your towel or use the same shower as 30 other people. 

3. Bring your own necessities

I always bring my own necessities because places are greedy and will charge you crazy amounts for toiletries and other things you may forget. Always bring your own towel, shampoo, conditioner, soap and other hygiene products. Also, don't forget your chargers/adapters at home. Universal adapters usually work best.  

4. Talk to people

Long gone are the days of the creepy ol' hostels. Hostels are a cool way to meet other young travelers who often become friends for a lifetime. Take advantage of things like group dinners, walking tours and other excursions, in order to meet people while traveling. Swap travel stories and immerse yourself into the local culture, together. 


What's your hostel story? 

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