Battle of the Burgers: Bit Bourbon Steamed Burgers v Honest Burgers

The Scoop:

I've only been in London a few weeks now, but already I've found burger heaven. YES. Having tasted a few burgers in the big smoke already, Bit Burgers and Honest Burgers both hit the spot. But which is the don? The Godfather? Let the battle begin:

 The Ambiance:


I visited Bit Burgers at the lovely camden market. I'm absolutely in love with the abundance of street food + outdoor 'famers' markets that are here in London. Camden town is definitely becoming a favorite of mine. The streets are lined with souvenir shops that you'd find on the beach boardwalk along with quirky vintage shops. As you make your way through Camden you'll too find street art along the cobble stone streets. 

Eventually the shops end and there's the bridge- aka the gateway to foodie galore. There is where you'll find loads of fresh foods from all different parts of the world. Turkish, Mexican, Dutch, Greek, Ethiopian & so much more. SAMPLES, SAMPLES, SAMPLES. Take them all to help decide what you fancy eating. 


I've eaten at Honest Burgers twice now @ their Kings Cross location, but they have many locations in London. Kings Cross is a international transportation hub, so there's always a good mix of people at this Honest Burgers. On any given night, the place is packed -- but in a good way. If you visit here during lunch time, it's a bit quieter vibes. Huge glass windows are perfect for people watching + I love the simplistic wooden interior too. 

The Service:


The lady making our food was the nicest + happiest person I met that day. She had a magical energy that could've made any food taste great. She also didn't mind telling me about the process and how they steam their burgers in the bourbon. Overall, the experience was pleasant and I will be back for more. 


Both times the experience was pleasant and the staff were attentive. My server recommended the spicy ginger marmalade tea for my sore throat and it worked wonders. Forever indebted to that drink. 

The Food: 


Definitely one of the best burgers I've come across in London thus far. I want to take a wild guess and say this is because they steam their burgers using bourbon. The burger was so tender and juicy. For 5.50 we got a bourbon burger + added bacon, egg and blue cheese. The brioche bun is what brought it all home for me. It was incredibly soft. 


Having ordered the Ribman special at Honest both times (ribman= beef, ribmeat--pulled pork--, mature cheddar, pickles, lettuce and holy fu*k sauce) I can say that Honest serves up a good quality cut of meat using 100% ginger pig dry aged beef. 

My friend, Shiya, is my veggie babe. She ordered the fritter, which is cauliflower, tomato, corn, shallots, spices + cucumber yogurt all cooked up into a 'burger'. All burgers are served with rosemary chips (fries), which are equally fresh and delicious. During the weekdays, there's a 15 pound student deal (2 burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks) totally worth it!



Creativity: Bit Burger

Ambience: Honest Burgers

Beef Quality: Bit Burger

Customer Service: Bit Burger + Honest Burgers

Veggie Babe Options: Honest Burgers 

Overall Taste: Bit Burger

Visit Honest Burgers

Check out Bit Burger












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