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It was a rainy Wednesday in London and I was super hungry after a long day of classes (what's new?). So I headed to the notes section in my iPhone were I'd previously penned my 'London foodie list'. These were restaurants, food trucks and beer festivals that I just knew I had to experience before my plane even landed at Heathrow, I knew

BBQ Dreamz was of the chosen ones. With dishes inspired by the Philippines, their menu is short and sweet. But don't let the small menu fool you there are plenty of options. 

Side note: My dads side of the family is Filipino. During the majority of my life my grandma Jenny grew older and sicker. Because of this I never actually got to pick her brain about who her father was. One day I plan to travel to the Philippines to fully indulge in a culture that I've longed to know my whole life. For now, I'll happily eat a lot  of BBQ Dreamz here in London. 


Heres what I ordered from the dreamiest pink tent at KERB:  

I went all out and ordered The Megabox! Boy, was it hefty but I devoured it.  

The Megabox is a delightful mix of their Chicken Satay Curry with Crispy Pork Belly + all the trimmings.

Trimmings = jasmine rice, seasoned green bean salad, pickled cucumber, peas, lime + peanut. I even opted for red pepper flakes for an extra kick. 

The least I can say is that it was magical. The flavors were amazing, especially after squeezing the lime over everything. All of the ingredients were fresh and cooked/seasoned to perfection.  

Not to mention that cute pink tent, old school jamz playing in the back and super warm people serving up mouth-watering food.

What more could you want from your street food?

BBQ Dreamz, you're set to be my latest addiction. 



Rating: The FIVE pounds I gained after that Megabox!

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Kerb is in Kings Cross every Wed-Friday, 12-2pm + so many other tasty locations!

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You. Me. Lunch. started as a saying between my best friend, Khaila, and I. It's been our way of saying 'see ya later' since we were seven years old. I guess you can say I'm an actual food baby. 

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