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Pizza Union

Pizza Union

The Scoop:

This one is long overdue. Pizza Union has been my go to place for quick eats. My mommy is in London right now with me, Yay! As soon as she got here I took her to PU and she loved it. She said it's the best pizza she's ever had. We left my flat and ordered another because it's just that good. 

The Ambiance:

They have this cute little restaurant vibe going on, but its very casual to say the least. Most people are on their lunch break or dining out with friends. The shop features communal style seating, which by the way is my favorite. What better way to eat pizza than across from your friends and next to strangers? It encourages conversation over good food, perfect!

The Service:

Ok, the fact that I go in so much that the lovely lady at the till knows my order is ridicoulus. I've accepted it though. Seriously, the service is always impeccable, fast and easy. When you come in you order your pizza at the counter, you're then handed a buzzer and when its ready you pick it up from the far end. See, easy peasy. 

I think my favorite part about the PU team is that everyone always looks so energetic and happy. There's a lot of love in that pie. 

The Food:

The pizza is cooked in the coolest brick oven ever. I also always throw some red pepper flakes, oregano and olive oil on mine. As of late, I've been ordering the 'Carne'. It has tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, beef pepperoni, onions and rosemary. For only £6.50, you get a 12" pizza, perfect for sharing with 2-3 people. 

How could I forget to mention the sauces, How?! . Oh my, I slept on them for the longest time, but when I finally tried one, there was no way I was leaving without getting one. The 'garlic herb' sauce is my favorite. It's only 50 pence more and totally worth all of its garlicky glory. I simply fold my slice like a taco and dip. Repeat. Burp. Repeat. 

mmmmmmohmygod. I'll let the pizza speak:



P.S. Pizza Union has really great dipping sauces. I usually get the garlic and herb and spread it on my pizza, yummmm. 

PU has two locations, Kings Cross + Spitafields. (hoping for more locations soon) 

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