Florence: Nothing but a dream






Florence was nothing but a dream. I went to Florence during my Easter break at uni. Very different from Rome. I got to walk through the lovely alleyways and past aromatic panini shops. It definitely felt like I was in a Italian romance movie. The streets were beautiful and truly a sight to see. 

At night, we walked to the bridge in the center of town and set on the ledge overlooking the water. That was probably one of the most peaceful moments I've ever had in life. Very surreal. We stayed with a friend for the short trip to Florence. It was great because she'd be studying there for the semester and knew everywhere to go. 

We ate fresh gelato, lovely panini with cheese and meat. I even got the chance to do a bit of tasting and experienced local wine. She took us through back streets where we got to mix with the locals. Italian architecture is hands down my favorite. Seeing the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore in person was wild. So intricate and precise, it's almost like you can feel the stories just from gazing. 

The panini was from 'Panini Toscani' it's located right behind the Cathedral. You probably won't miss it because there's usually a long line wrapped around the corner. We waited for about 25 mins, but it was well worth it. Once we were finally inside, we tasted three different cheeses and meats. My favorite was the youngest, creamy cheese and I chose salami-like meat, rocket and a hot relish spread for my sandwich. It's only 5 Euros! I'm still drooling over it. 

Florence was a place I will never forget. I bought some authentic pasta and Italian olive oil home to share with my family. I can't wait until the day when I can be in Italy again. 


Rating: Five Rounds of Cheese







You. Me. Lunch. started as a saying between my best friend, Khaila, and I. It's been our way of saying 'see ya later' since we were seven years old. I guess you can say I'm an actual food baby.