Cereal Killer Cafe

The Scoop:

After spending the last few months here in London, I finally made it to the infamous Cereal Killer Cafe. If you haven't heard yet, it's a crazy little chain of cafes that serve up every kind of cereal you've ever heard. I'm talking fruit loops, coco puffs; you name it, they've got it. They have 120 cereals and a variety of milk + toppings. 

The Ambience:

Talk about creativity. Whoever thought of this concept is genius. As soon as you walk into their Camden location (located in the Stable Market) you're hit with the smell of fruity flavors. The wall is lined with boxes of American, British and Global cereal varities. It was cool to spot all of our old favorites. 

As we made our way back into the cafe area I was pleasantly surprised to see the colorful blue walls lined with 90's nostalgia. There was even an old arcade game style machine (it actually worked). My favorite part were the beds. Yes, Cereal Killer has beds as seats at the table. Of course the bed spreads featured old cartoons like Looney Tunes characters. It was throwback Thursday in there and it was truly an experience. 

The Food:

I didn't want to go for the usually bowl of cereal. I'm actually not a big fan of cereal. So, I decided to order the "Stacked Hot Chocolate". It had crushed Oreo and chocolate flakes in it. I loved the fact that it wasn't overwhelmingly chocolate, just right. I gulped it down and you will too. 





You. Me. Lunch. started as a saying between my best friend, Khaila, and I. It's been our way of saying 'see ya later' since we were seven years old. I guess you can say I'm an actual food baby.