What I learned from traveling alone + how to get to Sperlonga, Italy

A few weeks back with only two short weeks left in my new home-- London-- I did the unthinkable, something a lot of people are scared to do. I got told I was brave for embarking on this adventure. I trekked throughout the Lazio region of Italy, alone. And it was damn good and so worth it. 

You might be wondering why I chose Italy and such. Truth is, I could see myself living in Italy. I love the slow pace culture, food and beautiful Italian people. The culture is so rich and kept me on a constant high. I also chose Italy because the flight were considerably cheaper than a lot of other destinations at the time. I used SkyScanner to book my flight and personally I've fall in love with the site over the past few months. It's the best way to track down the cheapest flight. 

So the decision was final. I was heading to Italy, flying into Rome. But I had just explored Rome a few months prior and wanted to experience a place completely new. As much as I wanted to visit the iconic Almafi Coast, I started to realize my pockets weren't haven't that. Instead, I settled for Sperlonga, Italy, a coastal town half way between Rome and Naples. 

But settle, I didn't. Sperlonga is a beautiful hidden gem that deserves its own recognition. I took the Trenitalia train to Fondi-Sperlonga station, about a 1.5 hour trip. Once I'd arrived, a bus took me into the beach town (1 Euro). I won't mention how I got lost for an hour or two by taking the wrong bus. Don't be like me. Getting lost in a place so breathtaking wasn't bad though. 

One I finally arrived, I needed a place to stay. There were a lot of hotels right by the beach. I ended up staying in Hotel Mayor for only 45 Euro with free breakfast included. The room was great and had the best balcony-- balconies are a must for me. I had coastal views and it was amazing. 

On my way to the beach I stopped in small shops and had the freshest gelato ever. Sperlonga is small town vibes, where merchants seem to know customers by name. It has a very tight-knit feel and that was necessary for me at that point in my travels.

I ate gelato, penne pasta, drink a Peroni beer and sat by the most beautiful beach with a cascading landscape in the background. Seriously, I could have stayed in Sperlonga forever. I was there for a very short time before heading back to Rome for one night. 

Traveling alone gives you the capacity to think for yourself, follow your own itinerary and allows you to be free. For the first time I truly felt alone. I wrote about my adventures and reflected on the last four months I'd just spent living in London. An experience that I don't regret one bit. To truly no yourself you must be truly alone. Don't ever be afraid to be with yourself and be willing to spend time loving you. It's important and rewarding. 

Can I move to Sperlonga already?!? 







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