5 Things I Always Travel With

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
— Ibn Battuta

Recently I've waken up everyday thinking about my next adventure. I was told by many that I'd get bit by the travel bug after being in Europe for so long. That was no lie. I can't stop thinking of where I'll adventure to next. Philippines, Mexico and NOLA have been on my mind the most lately. I'm adding them to my bucket list right now!

Whenever I travel, not matter the distance, here are my go-to items that I cannot leave the house without grabbing:


  1. This FjallRaven backpack 
    1. I love this bag so much. I always call it the little book bag that could because I can seriously fit everything in it. It's the perfect carry-on!
  2. Birkenstock Sandals 
    1. These are the absolute best sandals to travel with. They can work for the beach or as shower shoes. 
  3.  Lush lip balm 
    1. Because traveling with chapped lips ain't cute. 
  4. A journal
    1. I love being able to whip out my journal and reflect mid-travel. When there's no wifi or I just want to save my phone battery, I write. 
  5. A pair of Nikes
    1. Comfort over everything. 


TIP: Packing light is always the best way to go. I only usually take 2-3 pairs of shoes + am modest in how many clothes I bring too. 






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