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Diary: Living the London Life

Diary: Living the London Life

I never knew how I'd start this blog, but I just know I needed to start somehow. I could say how much fun I had or talk about all the food I ate, but I'd rather tell you about the memories I'll cherish forever. I lived in London from January-May 2016 and it was the best four months of my life.

I met so many people who I grew to love and will love forever. Sometimes I get sad because I know that I'll never experience those exact moments again. In the same breath, I become overjoyed thinking about the memories we made. 

London was one big giant life lesson for me and it couldn't have come at a more crucial time in my life -- just as I turned 21-- and I'm forever grateful for that. I learned how to let go. I had to hop on that plane by myself and cross the Atlantic twice and I did it (MJ cry face and all). I had to learn to navigate a city that I didn't know, at all. Man, if I knew how much I was going to grow up, I would've signed up sooner. 

Part of me wishes that I could have stayed longer, but it was just enough time to get my shit together and attempt to figure out this puzzle we call life. I am so glad to have met some amazing people along the way. You all will always be apart of me and we're forever bonded by this experience. Thank you, endlessly. 


Huge Thanks to Joomi, the coolest roommate I could've ever asked for. We had the best talks and I'm glad to have shared space and this experience with you!

Chakerra + Chaunda:

I'm so damn happy that I met you girls. I want to thank ya'll for the craziest times and laughing until our stomaches hurt. We conquered London together and it wouldn't have been the same without you two. I'll never forget Pizza Union nights in Ambers room and trying to hop on the same 205, so we wouldn't have to pay two bus fairs because London bus drivers are petty. lol See ya'll in New York.

Dena :

I keep saying how much I wish we got to hang out more but I truly do love the time that we did spend together. That last long talk we had in my lobby was lovely and I got so much out of it. You're such a beautiful person. Spending your last day in London running around was the funniest thing, but we did it! I'm so glad we got to try Cereal Killer because LAWD. I can't wait to see you again in the midwest. Thank you dear!



Oh Franny, my love. First off, I miss you ! I am so glad that I met you and got to share the time that we did together. We just clicked right away and those are the best friendships. From the Soulection concert to our meet-ups in central, I can't stop scrolling through our photos. I thank you for your grace and kindness. You took me into your life after only knowing me for a split second. I feel like all we did was laugh and eat together lol I love that! We have so many memories that I will cherish forever. We are friends for life boo. Thank you for the flowers, note + everything! Love you, Fran!



My lil London rollie. Amber I'm so glad I met you. Well, because if I didn't I wouldn't have met so many other great people too. It's hard to put into words how I feel about London, but especially my times with you. You're such a gentle soul and truly care about people. I always considered myself to be giving, until I met you. You don't know this, but when we first started hanging and I saw you giving money to the homeless people on the streets I realized that you were the most selfless person I'd ever met. Not even the fact that you were giving them money, you cared. You'd sometimes give them your last. You'd converse with them and make the feel alive and human. Soon after, I started to do the same. I missed you as soon as ya left, but I knew that we'd hang again back home and soon we shall! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for sticking with me even when I was being Briona instead of Lavender. Love you long time.



My dearest Shiya. I am so glad that we got to she the world together. I'm truly grateful for your longstanding presence in my life. Our friendship is truly a testament of love and good vibes. For us to always be so far apart and then to up and meet on the other side of the world was the best feeling. We will forever share Dublin and London. You don't know how happy I was to see your face after only being in London for two weeks when you came. I felt like we got to know the city together. I am so incredibly proud of the person you are. You're a gem in my life and in this world. Thank you + Love you forever

Jordan James:

To say I'm grateful for meeting you is an understatement. So so thankful for that faithful day in Topshop and I thank the universe everyday for bringing you into my life. You're a little ray of British sunshine in foggy London. We have so many memories. Especially with me, you, Amber, Chaunda & Chakerra doing hood rat tings. lol I could go on and on about how much you lit up my little life. You showed me how to be happy even when a situation might not be going my way. I truly will miss our walk + talks along the river in Chelsea or around the corner in Kings Cross. Our talks were always filled with optimism and were always just when I needed to hear it. Thank you for taking me and the girls in and for being the best tour guide ever. To see the city through your eyes was the best gift I've ever received. Because of you I now know that the best things in life truly are free. Oh Jordan James, we're forever connected and I'm extremely thankful for that. I'll love you always, all ways. 



Also I'm extremely blessed that my mama got to come to London. For her and I to have experienced London together was something I kept wishing for. After all, she is the sole reason I even went to London. She encouraged me since my freshman year of uni to go and explore the world. She would work overtime at work, just so I could afford to go. Thank you for giving me life in 95' and again in London. I love you, unconditionally. 

I can't forget my papa who helped me so graciously and without compliant. You're the best dad I could've ever been blessed with. Thank you daddy + love you!!


Thank you to my sister, Brittany for being so willing to help me out. I hit your phone every other day about transferring money and called crying a few times. We disagree sometimes but you never actually leave my side. Love you, deeply.


Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way with love, finance and joy. (Sharday, Khaila, Nya, Teyana, Rodney, Mai Angela, Aunt Butta + anyone else) I love ya'll and hope that one day soon we can explore the world together too.


So THANK YOU LONDON. I'll love you forever and you'll always be my second home. I was born in Baltimore, but I was made in London. I matured so greatly and graciously in those couple months and I owe it to the best city ever. See you soon.


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The Southern Gentleman: Atlanta, Georgia.

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