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5 Tips That Will Change The Way You Travel

5 Tips That Will Change The Way You Travel

Travel was once completely foreign to me. I spent the early years of my life in the states only going on family vacations. Though I always loved the idea of packing a bag and jetting off to somewhere new. When I studied abroad, it was the first time that I ever traveled alone or left the country. Woah. The whole journey thought me the importance of solitude and the lessons that silence and self reflection allow you. 

Along the way, I hopped on many flights. Some alone, some with travel buddies. I've slept in airports + cars. I even canceled half a trip that I already booked. Travel requires flexibility because things almost never go according to plan. 

Here are tips that'll change the way you travel:

1. Roll your clothes (especially bulky items) 

No one has time for overweight carryons.

2. Pay for your checked luggage ahead of time, online

There's nothing worse than arriving at the airport, just to find out that you have to pay an extra $100 because you bought extra bags or your luggage is too heavy. Most airlines charge less if you prepay for your checked bags. Save yourself some money!

3. Don't record/take photos right away

Especially if you'll be spending a few days at your destination, don't spend time behind your tech documenting everything. While I was in London I would allow myself to experience a place (or sight) first and then come back another time to photograph it. This way you fully immerse yourself into the local culture. Practicing mindfulness while traveling is important. 

4. Ditch the itinerary

Ok, maybe not completely. You should at least be willing to be flexible about the activities you do. Make a list of things you must do/see and stick to it. Make another list of things that you want to do/see, but aren't a must. Doing this gives you the freedom to explore without being committed to a strict schedule. The best experiences come when you go with the flow!

5. Figure out your travel style

While I was in Europe, I traveled extensively with other people. During my travels I would wake up early and sit on the balcony of our Airbnb and reflect on the current trip. Asking myself questions about everything I had experienced  so far. I was digging to figure out the things that I enjoyed and the things I could do without. Through this reflection I was able to find my travel style, which is very relaxed. Now I know that when I travel I prefer to be with a group of people who wish to have the same experience as me. 

Travel deeper.  


Do you have any travel tips? What's your travel style, do you like itineraries or going with the flow? Comment Below!


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