#Travelbrilliantly with Marriott

This past week my sister and I headed south. It was our very first time in Georgia. We were in town for the all the Birthday Bash madness, after parties, food and Brittany's birthday! Our stay was five nights long so we needed to stay in a super comfy hotel.

Enter: Marriott Marquis ATL

While we were checking in we had the nicest lady at the front desk helping us. We stayed in the skyline room and we had no idea how beautiful it would be. The hotel has open air ceilings and its just massive. It almost feels like a resort. 

Between the atrium and lobby levels there's a indoor/outdoor pool, gym & spa, 2 restaurants + bar, Starbucks, FedEx and a mini mart store (we forgot to buy those grits, dammit). We ate in their restaurant "High Velocity" a few times and the food + service was always excellent. 

 Lobby view looking up at Pulse Bar + Loft

Lobby view looking up at Pulse Bar + Loft

Now let's talk about this room though. When we walked in we screamed at how amazing the view was. We had nice plush, white beds. They were so comfortable throughout our stay. We didn't watch much tv, but the one they had in the room was a perfect size. The sunset painting overhead of our beds was gorgeous. 

One of the best parts was the magazine selection. I know, sounds crazy, but they featured great mags that gave us a lot of ideas of things to do in Atlanta. After all, we would've never ate the best brunch of our lives if it wasn't for them. Thanks Marriott Marquis!

Honestly, it's one of the nicest full service hotels that I've stayed in. The staff was attentive and would bring us anything we needed straight up to the room. 

Whatever you do, get the Skyline room because the views are worth it. I think this is the view Drake was talking about:

 Our sunset view of downtown Atlanta from the Skyline view room

Our sunset view of downtown Atlanta from the Skyline view room

Here's some fun birthday shots of Brittany, Happy 25th!


Thanks for the awesome stay in Atlanta, Marriott Marquis. It was a great weekend filled with good food + lots of laughs. Great start to summer!

Until next time, Atlanta.



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