The ORIGINAL Chick Fil A

After a long night of drinking and twerking, my cousin who lives in ATL, told us that there was a Chick-fil-A with soul food options on their menu. We didn't believe her a first. "Nope, no way" was the first thing out of my mouth. How could this be possible? How could Chick-fil-A keep this away from us northern folks for so long? Ugh!

So we head to the concierge desk to ask if there really was a CF that had mac + cheese. After a few snickers, looks of confusion and calling the wrong store, we almost gave up. We decided to do some research of our own. 

I finally found it on Atlanta's Yelp. We immediately googled how far our downtown ATL hotel was from the original Chick-fil-A location in Hapeville, Georgia. Turns out, we were only 12 mins away so we hit that request Uber button real quick. 

So we're finally there and we order from the pick up side. This location used to be called "The Dwarf House" before becoming what is now Chick-fil-A (there's even a dwarf size door). The other side of the restaurant is booth seating with waiters. Mind blown. 

The regular menu exists but they offer southern sides like: mac + cheese, spicy collard greens, sweet potato soufflé and cornbread.

Plot twist: they serve burgers as well. Their full menu even featured chicken and waffles. 

I was SO into this food. It put the icing on the cake and was the perfect ending to our Atlanta trip. This is the only Chick-fil-A with these options, so you have to go when you're in Atlanta. Promise it's perfect. 



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