Why I miss California

California is a place that many dream of going. I'd always wanted to visit but never quite had a "reason" (although that's foolish, experiencing a new place is enough reason alone). When my best friend up and moved from her small hometown to Los Angeles, I finally had the perfect reason to visit. 

So last July 4th, I headed to LAX. Landing in a unknown place that somehow felt like home. California was magical for me and not because of the glitz and glam that the movies depict. It was none of that. I loved the simplicity of living in LA. Besides the terrible traffic, there's so much nature and beauty to immerse yourself in. If you ever visit you must hike Runyon Canyon. 

I fell in love with hiking after my trip and realized I wanted to live in a place where I can wake up every morning and hike, walk my dog or bike to the farmers market. Not to mention, the views from the top of the canyon, were breathtaking. 

I love how relaxed everyone is in Cali. Beach vibes, stoner vibes and amazing (healthy) food. I mean there's a juice bar on every corner. Some of the most delicious food I've ever had was in L.A. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that California was eye-opening for me. I experienced the west coast lifestyle and met some cool people along the way. The best thing that Cali gave me and just when I needed it was peace of mind. 

One day I plan to wake up everyday in a city similar to Los Angeles. There doesn't have to be palm trees as long as there's fresh air, mountains to climb and good, clean food to eat. I'll be happy. Quality of life is important and traveling has helped me pull together certain aspects that I I expect of my future life. Manifest what you want. Put things into the universe and watch them happen. 

Travel is the best teacher you'll ever have. 





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