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Summer = Seafood

Summer = Seafood

This might be the quickest review I've ever written. As I sit here on the beach, toes sand deep, I can't help but to be thankful for life and for food. For all the food I just devoured. 

My whole life my mom has always been a spontaneous lady. She's a cancer (me, a Pisces) we are flexible beings and always ready for adventure. So we hopped up yesterday at 2 pm and headed to the beach. Booked a hotel in ten mins and were out the door within an hour.

Spontaneity is the spice of life. 

We ended up feasting at a place called On The Bay in Ocean City, Maryland. 

The food was delicious and some of the best seafood that I've had in a long time. 


We shared: 

a half pound of spicy steamed shrimp  

a pitcher of Yuengling

I ordered : 

The fried oyster sandwich with corn (the best butter I've ever tasted) and fries 

These oysters were as fresh as it gets. They were fluffy, yet crispy and a beautiful golden color. Truly, honestly, fried to perfection. 

Mama Ordred:  

The fried flounder filet sandwich with corn and coleslaw. Let me tell y'all, I'm not a coleslaw girl at all. BUT THAT COLESLAW THOUGH. It was wasn't too wet or mushy and had a great balanced flavor. 

I might've converted.  Am I a coleslaw gal now? Questions that need answers.

I cant stop thinking or drooling over this food. Seriously, seafood = summer. For me and my family, crabs (and other seafood) mean a good time filled with beer and laughs. That's what summer is for. 


I truly hope to have the same fun loving and food loving relationship with my children someday. Love you mama! 


Happy August everyone.





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