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Amsterdam Life

Amsterdam Life

When I used to think of Amsterdam, I won't lie I thought of all the stereotypical things. I thought Amsterdam was all about weed and sex. That was naive on my part but I am so glad that I got to experience the true beauty of this city. 

I was immediately intrigued by the pace of city. It was a refreshing break from the ripping and running of London, yet not too slow. Honestly, I could see myself living in Dam. They have a ton of food, captivating canals and coffee shops. 

One of the things that admired the most was the love of biking. Everyone seemed to be living a balanced life. When I tell you that everyone rides bikes, I mean it. I saw the most fit grandmas biking throughout the city. It was beautiful to see the peace in their spirits. 

Of course, I tried the coffee shops out and my favorite was Amnesia . It had the most relaxed atmosphere and charm. They also serve decent food + drinks. I've been twice and it can get packed, go early!

I also recommend going to the sex museum because its unique, interesting and normal!

I visited the Red Light District too. It was definitely something that you have to see for yourself. On both trips to Amsterdam, I went during daylight hours and the RLD is way better at night.  

You've got to try Dutch Pancakes De Vier Pilaren. They are heavenly. 

Honestly, Amsterdam was one of the most easy-going times I spent abroad. I can only imagine living a life where I biked to work and back home again. I'd start my mornings in the coffee shop to get my mind right. The things I'd do to go sit by the canals after a long day.

Amsterdam stole my heart with its simplicity:

Until next time, Amsterdam.


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