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Pure Raw Juice

Pure Raw Juice

The Scoop:

I've spent the entire summer turning up with my friends. Road trips, catching flights and burning up the highway. My car has a lot of miles, trust me. Honestly, I don't mind one bit. To be with friends, laughing and enjoying life is awesome. Although eating a good meal with my friend brings me the most joy.

Yesterday my best friend and I were searching for a pre-workout snack that wouldn't make us too full. We searched high and low on Yelp for the best acai bowls in Baltimore. It was then that we found Pure Raw Juice. 

The Ambiance:

As we approached the corner shop juice bar, flowers greeted us by the windowsill. PRJ's juice-tenders were super friendly and recommended their acai bowls to us. The fella' also explained the difference between acai and pitaya bowls. I honestly wanted to buy both, but was trying to do this adulting thing. 

Loved everything from the cheerful decor to the welcoming employees.  

The Food:

Teyana and I both ordered the "Hawaiian Acai Bowl". The smoothie base is made of Acai, Banana and Apple Juice. The Hawaiian is then topped with granola, kiwi, mango and coconut. 

The fruits were very bright, tender and fresh. Ordering the Hawaiian bowl was perfect for this hot ass day (heatwaves suck). This acai bowl cooled us off, filled us up and gave us the energy we needed to power through our workout. 

They have fresh pressed juices too!

I don't live close to this juice bar, but it's my new favorite and I'll be allll in there very often. 


Rating: 5 mangos



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