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How To Find The Perfect Airbnb Rental

How To Find The Perfect Airbnb Rental

The Scoop

Airbnb is a great service that I've fallen in love with since I began my travels. It's nice to go on trips, but to truly travel and #livethere is completely life changing. Airbnb allows travelers to connect to the local people and have authentic experiences. I'm down with Airbnb for life.


1. Use specific dates- Airbnb has been around for a while now and most people are hip to it's awesomeness, so there's A LOT of rentals. To avoid being overwhelmed with search results or disappointed when your desired rental isn't available, use your trip dates during your search to find all available rentals. 

2. Set the filters- If you need wifi to stay connected, a pool to kick back by or a host who speaks your language, select those filters. The filters feature is helpful in finding the perfect place. I always select wifi (especially during international travel), air condition, kitchen, or pool. There's many options!

3. Look for instant book -  I personally like instant book because, well.. it's instant. You can skip out on wait time before booking. Also Airbnb will begin increasing the availability of instant book listing which helps to fight against discrimination that some POC have experienced on the site. 

4. Check the availability calendar- Just because a listing is posted doesn't mean that it's currently being rented out. Check to see that your hosts availability calendar is updated and includes your trip dates.

5. Read the reviews/look at the pictures-  Airbnb asks all guests to write an honest review after each stay (do this!). The reviews will often tell you if the hosts home looks like the pictures and provide genuine feedback of their experience. 

6. Understand rental agreement- Before booking make sure to understand all the nooks and crannies of your host's rental agreement. You'll need to know of specific procedures for picking up the keys to your new home or check in/out times. Some hosts even offer airport transfers. It's helpful and important to know these things before you book your stay. 


Happy Travels!

* *This post is not sponsored, I just really love Airbnb, Y'all hiring?**



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