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How To Travel Europe On A Budget

How To Travel Europe On A Budget

Okay, so you've gotten to Europe. Perhaps you're sipping tea in London or take selfies at the Eiffel Tower already, but how are you going to hop from country-to-country.? Europe has so much to offer and every country/city is uniquely its own experience.

Here's how to see all the cities on your bucket list cheaply:

1. Use SkyScanner 

SkyScanner is the holy grail travel planner. It's a huge search engine for flights. My favorite feature on SkyScanner is the go 'Everywhere' feature. You can put in your starting country and select that you want to go 'Everywhere' and the results will be listed from cheapest to most expensive country. It's a great tool, especially if you aren't picky about where you want to go. It's the best way to travel on a budget. 

2. Fly with a budget airline

Budget airlines like easyJet or RyanAir aren't the comfiest but they're definitely the cheapest. They offer mind blowing cheap seats to and from your favorite destinations. I once bought a £15 ($20 ish USD) flight from London to Dublin. 

3. Pack Light

The last thing you want is to have to check-in a huge 50 pound suitcase each time you fly to a new destination. I love having a good size carry-on with a backpack that can fit a laptop. Your suitcase can't get lost, if you don't check it in!

4. Go Grocery Shopping

When my mom came to visit me in London, she stayed for a week. We decided to go to the local market and grab breakfast items, snacks and dinner. I know what you're thinking, eating in a new country is the best way to experience the culture, right? That's true, but eating out can get expensive especially in the bigger cities. If you're going to be in one destination for a while try buying small things and snacks to get you through your hungry without breaking the bank. 

5. Explore on foot

Walking is free! Sometimes European cities have a wacky or expensive transport system. Use handy travel apps like City Mapper, to time the walk to your destination. Walking also offers more photo opportunities, random funny moments and exercise all-in-one. 


Go out and explore Europe (cheaply)!

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