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Finding Your Travel Style

Finding Your Travel Style

Thailand: Photo via  Mel_928

Thailand: Photo via Mel_928


It was my spring break at London Met University and for the first time during my life abroad, I was traveling outside of England. I was beyond excited to get into the nitty gritty of other European cities. My traveling buddies and I, spent weeks planning our future adventures. We finally decided to travel to Germany, Prague, Italy and Greece. We were quite ambitious. 

So we took off for a two-week European adventure. On this trip, I discovered my unique  travel style.


Slow travel is done was ease and the desire to explore deeper. You might be a slow traveler if you don't like itineraries and instead prefer loose plans without much direction.You probably crave human connection. 

Slow travelers tend to immerse themselves into the local culture on excursions and by connecting with locals. If you wish to travel slow, I suggest activities like visiting a tobacco farm in Cuba, salsa dancing in Spain or visiting a mosque in Abu Dhabi.


Fast travel is eager and willing to go far and wide to see every inch of the city. You might be a fast traveler if you backpack across Europe, seeing multiple countries in a short amount of time.

Don't get it twisted, fast travel is rewarding too, but with an urge to cover as much as possible. You probably seek thrill and adventure. If you wish to travel fast, I suggest activities like backpacking through Europe, climbing Machu Picchu in Peru, Swimming with Sharks in Belize


Personally, I like to have a loose itinerary that guides but does not decide. It’s nice to have an idea of places to visit and activities to do, but I think it’s necessary to leave room for the unplanned.

Story Time

One night in Italy, we looked up the best late night pizza in Rome and headed to Dar Poeta in Trastevere. It was was here that I connected with the shop employees. One who spoke broken english and the other who only spoke Italian. Despite the language barrier between us, we bonded over pizza and laughs. I left with a special bracelet from one of my new friends that I haven’t taken off since. If I was on a strict traveling schedule, I might’ve never had that experience.


Depending on the destination, both slow + fast travel are necessary. It's about finding a balance, just as with life itself. The only way to find your travel style is to travel mindfully. 


What's your travel style? Do you pen the itinerary or leave it at home?



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