Chasing the sun: Finding the best views in every city

At this point, I'm pretty much a sunrise catcher. I pride myself on waking up before the birds do, in order to get to highest point of the city. There's something so raw about being up and at em' before most people brush their teeth. To feel like you conquered the city, before 7 AM, it's a lovely feeling. 

I urge you to wake up early at least one day during your travels. Head to a coffee shop and grab whatever the locals order. It can be coffee, a local treat or anything non-touristy. While in Portugal, I started most days with a Pastel De Nata in hand, a traditional Portuguese tart. 

Next, use Google Trips, to find the best lookouts in the city. It can be a castle, a rooftop or even a pier. Every city has a place where people go to get a different perspective. Find that place. Make sure you're there in time for the sunrise. 

Find a spot to chill. Perhaps you'll bring along a camera, journal or your favorite book. These things will help you settle in, become a local and experience your destination as if it were home. But don't get too distracted. Remember to take in the views, breathe deeply and gain a new perspective. 

Chasing the sun is now something that I will continue to do in every city that I go to. So far I've wiped the crust from my eyes at Primrose Hill in London, Castelo De Sao Jorge (a lookout close by) in Lisbon and Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille. It's a great way to challenge yourself and to set good intentions for your travels. 

Travel deeper. 


Where's the best sunrise/sunset you've ever seen? 

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