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How I really felt about Bucharest

How I really felt about Bucharest

How did two black girls end up in Bucharest, Romania? Skyscanner and Google Fights, that's how. There's only two times in my life that the word "Bucharest" had come out of my mouth prior to this trip. I had never considered the Eastern European country as somewhere I had to check off my bucket list. I wasn't impressed by its communist history or it's historical government buildings. I just wasn't that into Bucharest. 

While planning this trip, Shiya and I were stuck trying to find an affordable city to do an extended layover in so that we could get to Morocco for cheaper. Paris almost worked and so did Budapest, but Bucharest kept coming out on top. So we bought our flights from Bolonga, Italy to Marrakech by way of Romania. For the first time ever (and hopefully never again), I took a ferry, bus, train and a plane all in one day. Talk about tiresome travel-woo sah. 

When we finally stepped foot in the Romanian capital city, we didn't know how to feel about its rough-around-the-edges vibe. We checked in our hostel for one night and were forced to leave due to cleanliness issues. Supposedly, it was the best hostel in Bucharest but the small showers and bed bugs we experienced said otherwise. To say the least, our first night was disappointing enough that we looked up early flights to Morocco. Budget travel is our middle name and none of those flights were affordable. 

In between rants about how f'd up this hostel had us and hopes of getting to Morocco early, we managed to find a brand new hostel that had availability for the rest of the weekend- YES! We didn't even call before hoping in the next Uber and heading there hoping that everything would pan out. Turns out, Bicycle Hostel Bucharest was brand new and we were some of the first hostellers to sleep in those beds. It was pristinely clean and comfy. 

Now that we could relax without the bed bugs biting, we started to explore the city. Honestly, I can't lie. My experience in Bucharest was not one filled with culture or experience locals- it was strictly partying and good vibes. Usually, I don't come to a city in hopes of finding the best bars, but this place was different. Their old town was actually quite new and lined with bars and nightclubs. Somehow I felt like I was in Adams Morgan in D.C.. We hoped from bar to bar, leaving when the DJ started to play something we weren't feeling. 

Clubs in Bucharest handed out napkins and threw them in the air in a 'make it rain' motion. Has anyone else experienced this in Europe?

Bucharest was weird, but cool. I ate some of the traditional food (sausage and potatoes), which was a close as I got to cultural immersion. Sometimes on extended travels, you need a city to relax or party in and Bucharest was that city for me. I saved the cultural diving for Morocco. 

My favorite part about Bucharest? THERME SPA. It's the largest urban beach in Europe and completely felt like I was in heaven. You'll have to read this post to hear about my experience at Therme. 

Is Bucharest on your travel list?

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