Therme Spa: Bucharest, Romania

Have you ever loved something so much that you went back for seconds that you know you didn't needed? Me too. Enter: Therma Bucharest. 

When it first hit me that I was taking my first leap into Eastern Europe via Bucharest, I was nervous. I didn't know what the city would feel like because I've never known anyone personally who's been. Would it be cold and harsh, open and friendly or weird? Honestly, Bucharest was a mixture of all those things. I won't try to swoon you with any cultural activities and reasons why this place is a 'hidden gem'. It's an ex-communist city with a lot of loose ends. Bucharest was wild. 

Therme Bucharest

After three nights of hitting the bars in old town, we needed a serious break. I'd read about Therme before arriving to the city, but honestly there wasn't much written about it. After chatting with a funny ass Uber driver (side note: why does Bucharest have Uber and Venice doesn't? *side eyes*) after top things to do in his hometown, he let us know that Therme Spa was the place to be. 

Our new Isreali homegirl who we met on the dance floor and quickly fell in love with told us that she'd already experienced the spa and gave up these heads up:

  1. Bring your own flip flops
  2. Don't forget your towel

As a way to make some extra money, the spa will ask you if you need to purchase a towel and flip flops so bring your own (even if you have to borrow the hostel's/hotels towel). The spa day isn't expensive but why not save some bucks. Are you ready to know exactly how affordable Therme (and the whole city of Bucharest) is?

I spent $21 (USD) dollars on a three hour day pass to explore the entire spa limitless. Spending $25 would've gotten me a full day pass. 

It's really crazy that a place so luxurious was so cheap thanks to the exchange rate from USD to the Lei. I was in heaven waiting to be pinched. For $21 dollars we got access to all three floors including indoor and outdoor pools with swim up bars, water aerobics, salt treatments, face masks, red light therapy beds, indoor waterslides, hot tubs and saunas. When I say that I would travel back to Bucharest just to go here I'm not lying. It was worth so much more than I paid. 

Therme Bucharest

How can one get access to all those amenities for so cheap? I'm still blown away. Therme is the perfect place to come with friends for a night out on the town with poolside cocktails, a place for lovers and for families. I felt grown and sexy at the swim up pool bars and unleashed my inner child on the waterslides. It was truly a mashup of the best of both worlds. I immediately thought of bringing my mom, sister and boyfriend here. *Checks Skycanner for 2018 flights* 

Where's the best spa you've ever been too?

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