City Break: Burano, Italy 

The Scoop

While I was in Venice, Shiya and I knew that we needed to see the whimsical island of Burano, that’s been flooding our Instagram feeds for months leading up to this trip. It’s unlike anything I’d ever seen and I knew I wanted to see it with my own two eyes. Honestly, Venice was wearing me out so I knew that getting away from the city would be a nice break. We spent a few hours wandering the island with no plans to do anything, but to explore. 

Getting there

Getting to Burano from Venice is relatively easy. Venice is a city built on water, so you have to take the ferry most places (hence why I was worn thin). We hopped on the next ferry which took about 35 minutes from just outside the lagoon city. You won’t have trouble getting here because its so famous. Burano also has a sister island, Murano, home of the famous Murano glass. Although, we didn’t spend much time in Murano, it is almost identical to Burano sans the colorful houses. We came for the color- sorry Murano. 

Check out the Burano vlog below:

You Me Travel_Burano, Italy
YouMeTravel_Burano Italy

A local friend told us that all of the houses in Burano are so bright because of its history as a fishermen’s town. On extremely foggy mornings, the fishermen had trouble telling their homes apart amongst the smog, so they painted them unique colors. 

While you’re on the island, I truly have no suggestions for restaurants or attractions. The island itself is why people come. And the gelato. Of course, the gelato was just as bright as the land itself. Murano is a place waiting to be explored. Turn down random alleyways (as I love to do in any Italian city) and find something new.

You Me Travel_ Burano Italy

We eavesdropped in a few windows where we could hear the local families gathering. It was cool to see some locals and say hello. I couldn’t help but to wonder how they feel about having tourists always snapping pictures outside their homes. Hopefully they didn’t mind too much because I was all up on some of their front door steps. oops. 

You Me Travel_Burano, Italy

Burano is quite possibly one of the happiest places on earth. 


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