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Stay: A Review Of Rodamon Hostel Marrakech, Morocco

Stay: A Review Of Rodamon Hostel Marrakech, Morocco

Enter Rodamon Marrakech: The best hostel in the old medina of Marrakech. It's designed with millennial travelers in mind. I was truly captivated by the feel of this hostel as it is a traditional riad with an open rooftop, terrace with a view, pool in the center and amazing rooms. Best Part? Rodamon has hostels in Barcelona and Budapest, too!

While I was in Marrakech, Rodamon sponsored my stay. No worries- I'll only ever work with brands that I know you'll dig.

We hopped in a taxi from the airport and arive at the hostel within 25 minutes. On the way there, I couldn't help but to stare out my window as I watched the red city pass me by. It was so simply lined with palm trees and zipping Vespas. I was finally in Africa and having all the feels. 

Rodamon will capture you from the start. With their friendly service (feels like family) and beautifully designed layout, you won't feel like you're in a stuffy European hostel. It feels like home. I was happy to being staying here for the next week. I can only wish that it was longer. 

Riads are traditional homes that Moroccan families used to occupy back in the day. Since then, they've been turned into hostels, hotels and guest houses. Morocco is the only place that I've traveled and felt so connected to the culture from start to finish. Rodamon has the best continental breakfast included in your room. Rise early for eggs, Moroccan Crepes ( try them with honey), tea, fruit and the best cake ever- Meskouta- a Moroccan cake quite similar to American Pound cake. 

Most hostel breakfast consists of bread, fruit and juice. I'm usually left wanting to more, but this was one of the best ever. The fresh squeezed orange juice will change your life. Seriously, why isn't fresh squeezed OJ a thing in America? The breakfast nook is also a great place to chill out during the day to get some work done, relax and soak up the free wifi. 

Our room was so heavenly, I almost can't talk about it. Rodamon hooked us up with a private with two twin beds. Shout out to traveling with a bud and getting separate beds. After a few days, you want to sleep in your own bed and be wild & free.

Anyone else a wild sleeper?

We walked into what seemed like our own personal palace. Comfy white sheets, a window opening into the riad's center, beautifully tiled bathroom with Moroccan inspired elements. Everything has a very rustic look and I loved how the hostel seemed as if they did as little renovations as possible. Authentic is the only word to describe how it felt to stay here. 

Remember, the room is designed with the new generation of traveler's in mind. Although, it is traditional in feel- it is millennial in design. There was a workdesk, Instagrammable corners and as many plugs as I typically need.

We relaxed during the day by the pool, mingling with other hostelers from around the world.

Shyia and I also met our favorite travel buddies here too. Shoutout to meeting other POC on the road and instantly feeling like distant cousins who just met at the family reunion.  

Rodamon is definitely a place for solo travelers because its so relaxed that it'll be easy to spark up a conversation with other traveling folks. Dorms are a great way to meet up to six other travelers who you might be sharing a room with. Best part? The dorms are ensuite! No more running down the hostel hall in your towel. European hostels have to step their game up now.

 If you're looking for privacy or complete relaxation, I truly reccommend booking a private room. We were able to interact with other lovely people staying at Rodamon, but having the chance to break away to decompress after the chaos of the medina is essential. The beds were so comfy I woke up and thought I was at home. 

Truth is, in some places I don't care much about how 'pretty' my accommadations are. Usually, as long as they are clean, it's all good. Morocco is just so damn pretty- there's no way you can come here and stay somewhere raggedy. Don't do it, sis. Stay at Rodamon.  



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