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That One Time It Snowed in Atlanta

That One Time It Snowed in Atlanta

This was my second time visiting Atlanta and well, both times have been quite interesting. Something keeps me coming back, right? That something was a flight deal this time around. Two months ago, I was scrolling Google Flights as if it were Facebook ( I literally look for flights in my free time) and found a $99 deal from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta. 

As I gushed with excitement of the possibility of a winter getaway to HOTlanta with the girls, I took a screenshot and sent it over to our group message- affectionately named P*ssy Poppas. Of course, Spirit tried us and the $99 flight was leaving at 7 AM on Sunday. BOO! The cheapness that lives inside of my soul wanted to just buy it for the "deal". I quickly realized that a 7 AM departure would leave us with no time for a Sunday brunch. That's a sin, so we bought the $158 flight. 

 I started planning my outfits and Instagramming for the best events happening in the city that weekend. Of course, it's winter and we shouldn't have expected Georgia to be blazing, but snow?! Seriously, when does it ever snow in Atlanta. Did I mention this was all happening whilst Mercury is in retrograde? For my non-astro lovers, Mercury is the planet which rules all communication, tech and travel.

Let's rewind. 

Before snow was even an issue, we had bigger problems. My phone rings with a notification in our group message that my friend mistakenly bought the wrong flight. Spirit loves to do this little cute thing where they operate AM and PM flights at the same exact times. We all agreed to grab the 9:35 AM flight, so that we could have a full Friday in the city. Turns out my friend purchased the 9:35 PM flight instead. Welp. We tried everything, but no flight change or new flight made sense. They were all sold out or crazy expensive. It was decided that my other friend and I would go early and meet up with her later that night in Atlanta. 

Cool. Sounds like a plan right? Wrong. We're strolling through the airport without a care in the world because we're young, traveling, black and happy. Happy to be going to Atlanta on the 9:35 AM flight today. WRONG. We get to the gate and the agent says to my other friend, " You know this ticket is for tonight's flight, right." My heart falls out of my butt as I try to play it cool. Another get agent tries everything in his power to get us on this morning flight and it ends up being oversold so there were definitely no available eats. I "missed" my flight, rescheduled for the night and we headed back home. Can't lie, I sat there for 30 minutes trying to plan a road trip to Atlanta instead. Totally not worth it. 

Living on the East Coast for my entire 22 years on this earth means that I can handle a little snow. You know who can't handle a sprinkling of snow? Georgia. Luckily, Spirit did come through for us in the end because our flight was the only flight that didn't get canceled that night. Thanks, Spirit.

On the first night, we finally made it to our hotel after what seemed like an eternity of a day. Whew. Between Uber rides, late-night restaurants with handwritten we're closed signs and The Waffle House only serving burgers, waffles and hash browns, I was over it. Hoping that with a little sleep things would turn around in the morning. 

Sure enough they did. We ended up heading out in the late afternoon to check out some of ATL's main attractions: 

The Underground- An old, underground shopping mall. To our surprise it was closed. Probably because of the snow. We peeked in and it looked slightly cool. Like your parents probably thought it was cool in the 80's type-of-cool. 

Coca Cola Museum- The sign made a nice backdrop for my photos, but we didn't go in. Somethings are just as cool outside (and for free) as they are inside. Maybe. 

The Centennial Tower Building- There's not much here for the tourist to see but a cool video wall and one of the best views of downtown. 

Brunch at South City Kitchen- Sadly, my favorite brunch in the world didn't work out this weekend, so we went to South City in Midtown instead. It was a yummy brunch with some highlights like: fried green tomatoes, chicken + waffles and bruleed banana pudding. The Southern Gentlemen still wins ATL brunch though. 

I scoured Atlanta.net to find out where the best views of the city were. While traveling, I realized the simple joys that seeing a city from a new perspective can bring. So we headed to the roof of a parking garage just before the sunset. It was freezing and windy but the view was definitely worth it.


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