How To Get Paid To Travel

How To Get Paid To Travel

So we've talked about the travel hacks that you can use when you're trying to travel cheaply, but what about when you want to see the world without spending a dime? Here are 10 ways to travel the world for free: 


If you like working with children, becoming an Au Pair is the perfect job for you. As an Au Pair you'll be living with your host family and help out with the children. This could include teaching them basic English, taking them to school and much more. Au Pairing will help you meet other traveling Au Pairs and truly immerse yourself into a different culture. 


Getting a job overseas isn't as hard as it may seem. You could work in exchange for food or accomadations. Work at a cool hostel or work with a local. 


Work for the social good of an international community and watch just how rewarding your experience is. You can volunteer with Elephants in Thailand or Join Peace Corps


Ever crashed on a friends couch? How about a strangers? Couchsurfing gives travelers a local home to stay in while traveling. You get to interact with the local and really connect with them before staying in their home. It's Airbnb for free!


Want to spend a summer at sea? Sail across the world while traveling and experience new countries. Find your inner mermaid! 


Teaching English abroad is one of the most lucrative ways to travel the world. First, you'll need you TEFL certificate. After completion, you're ready to find your new home. Most schools will pay for your travel, housing and provide a generous monthly salary. Currently, South Korea is one of the best places to teach english abroad. 


If you're skilled or creative you can hop on the digital nomad lifestyle by working remotely while you travel. Virtual assistants, social media managers and graphic designers are just a few of the digital careers you can take on. You'll be able to work from anywhere with a strong wifi connection. 


Tourism boards are always looking for people who are personable and excited about travel. If you enjoy working with the public, consider being a tour guide for a summer or event a year! 


Flight Attendants don't have an easy job. They often work long hours and many days per week, but the flight perks could outweigh it all. Imagine free flights to destinations all around the world. 

Exploring the world doesn't have to be hard. There's so many ways to see the world and get paid too!

Which work abroad path fits you best?


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