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24 Hours in Houston

24 Hours in Houston

This post was sponsored by Visit Houston. The experiences written in this blog are honest and my own. I'll only ever partner with brands that I dig and that I know you'll love too


For the first time ever, I stepped foot into the lone star state, good ol' Texas (which felt more like its own country- more on that later). I explored Houston with my CityPass courtesy of Visit Houston. It allowed me to see some of the cities coolest sights, but I also used locals who I met to dig deeper. 

Here's how to spend 24 hours in the Bayou City: 

1. Downtown Aquarium

Aquarium's are always fun for me but Houston's was extraordinary. The elements surrounding the exhibits truly made it a rich, fun experience. In one section, there's a faux rainforest with sights and sounds so authentic, you'll think you were just transplanted to the Amazon. My CityPass gave me VIP access to skip the line and entry into the stingray petting reef. 


The Lowdown: CityPass gives you access to Houston's top five attractions for nearly half off regular priced tickets. You get nine days to use the booklet, so it's perfect for short jaunts to town or week long adventures alike.

Adults booklets are $59, Kids are $49, just imagine how much more you'd spend if you bought each ticket individually. SCORE!  You can order yours online or pick it up from the  Houston Visitors Center, like I did. 


2. Explore Street Art (Near Market Square & Beyond)

In between food and attractions, I knew I just had to get a piece of H-Town's street art scene. I'd been mural stalking on Instagram for a while and managed to see a couple in person. The murals in Houston are colorful and optimistic, which is the vibe that I got from the whole city. Safe to say, I can't wait to go back and explore more.  


3. Grab Food

Houston is a food lovers dream. From crawfish boils to late night fajitas from a food truck, the options were endless. When I tell you that I had the best BBQ I've ever eaten from The Pit Room in Montrose, I am not lying. It was the most tender, fall-off-the-bone brisket and ribs imaginable. 

I also tried crawfish for the first time. More like, I ate the entire pound with little help. It was spicy and your mouth will be on fire, but it will be so WORTH IT. Squeeze, Twist, Suck, Repeat. 

4. Museum, Boardwalk or Space Center

If you have limited time (or all the time) in Houston like I did, use your CityPass to get the most out of H-Town. 

Spend the Afternoon at  Museum of Fine Arts soaking up all that the Houston Art Scene has to offer. Picasso anyone? 

Wander the Kemah Boardwalk, definitely with cotton candy in hand. CityPass let's you ride all day long here, so prepare for endless thrills. Take a ride on the ferris wheel to see the city from new heights. 

Photo via Kemah Boardwalk

Photo via Kemah Boardwalk

Houston, we have a . .. Space Center. Spend your day in the control room for the Apollo Mission or checking out real Astronaut suits. 

Photo via Space Center Houston

Photo via Space Center Houston


The best thing is that you've got options with CityPass no matter how long you'll be in town. Although my time in Houston was short, I felt connected to the city through its sights, the warm locals and the amazing food.

Houston is a city that I will be visiting again soon and with much more time to explore. Check out Visit Houston  for the top places to go while in the Bayou City. Grab a CityPass before heading out to explore Houston, you'll love it just like I did! 



Have you been to Houston, Texas? 

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