Guide To Skincare While Traveling

Air travel is how most of us chose to travel (besides a car, of course). Heck, I wouldn't have seen half of the countries that I have if it wasn't for those red-eyes or last minutes flights across Europe. So if you're planning on traveling soon, chances are you'll be flying to your destination and well, your skin will also be dry. 

Hear me out. Airplanes are the absolute worst for our skin. The rise in altitude and air pressure, leaves our skin very dehydrated. Prepping your skin before you take off, while in flight and prior to landing is key to having skin that doesn't look like you just slept sitting straight up for 10 hours. 

 Photo via  Glossier

Photo via Glossier

What To Pack: Inflight Beauty Essentials 

Remember to pack all of your essentials in your carry-on for easy access during your flight. I usually travel with a carry-on suitcase and my Fjallraven Kanken. Carrying a tiny backpack or purse is perfect for keeping your beauty and entertainment items close. 

Before Boarding

  • Before hopping on your flight make sure to cleanse your skin properly (wearing makeup on a flight is one of the worst things we do to our skin. It quite literally cannot breathe. 


  • Apply a facial moisturizer. Using a serum or oil is even better because it'll provide a protective layer for the skin while flying. 


  • Alway use a lip balm before flying to avoid chapped lips upon arrival. 


The idea with pre-boarding skin is to prep the skin for the changes its about to endure on your flight. Trust me, you'll be glad that you did. 


In Flight Mode

  • Bring a portable toothbrush and toothpaste to brush before attempting to sleep. I love the toothy tabs from Lush. They are a preservative-free and environmentally safe approach to traditional toothpaste. Plus, because of their sold form, you can travel easily through security without worrying about the 3oz rule. 


  • If you did wear makeup, no worries, just pack some wipes for easy removal before you knockout. 
 Photo via  Glossier

Photo via Glossier


Pre Landing

In order to freshen up the skin and achieve that 'I have arrived' glow don't forget these essentials: 


I always sleep on every flight, especially overnight's (red-eye flights) and I hate looking crazy when I wakeup. These tips have definitely helped my skin while traveling and I hope they help you too! Please keep in mind that I am not professional dermatologist, although I am trained with a large cosmetic company, I am simply a skincare enthusiast. 


What are your traveling skincare tips? Share below!