The Fancy Biscuit: Richmond, Virginia

The Scoop: 

My mom sister and I hit the road to Richmond, Virginia for a quick, weekend getaway to see The Girls Trip movie. Let me tell y'all, the movie was on point. It was funny from start to end and even made me shed my first official movie tear. Richmond is about 4 hours from where we live, but the ride is all too familiar to us. My sister went to college in Petersburg, so driving to Virginia is a piece of cake for us. Hence why we drove all the way there to watch a movie. 

We ended up doing SO much more. Besides catching the film at the lovely CineBistro (that salmon dinner though? SWOON) we got to explore downtown Richmond in all it's cuteness. The next day we headed to Virginia Beach for a day in the sun. While in Richmond, I was searching for the best brunch spots and The Fancy Biscuit popped up first on my Yelp search. The pictures were enticing and I just knew we had to go. So as always, I convinced my family that these pictures and 4 1/2 stars meant we had to try it.

The Food:

The Fancy Biscuit is a self serve restaurant with the cutest decor and even better eats. When we first walked in, I couldn't help but notice the details in the littlest things. The door handle was rolling pin and of course, I had to snapchat it. We approached the counter and had the lovely lady explain how things worked. You place your order, take a seat and wait to be served the fanciest biscuits, ever. Here's what we ordered: 

The Big Apple: This was a choice that I could never regret. It was a buttery fried chicken thigh with apple slaw, applebutter BBQ sauce and a funky bleu cheese vinaigrette. My oh my, it was tasty. The biscuit is done just right with a bit of crunch on top and a bouncy inside. Do yourself a favor and order the collard greens. They aren't the greasy, fatty greens that your aunty makes, instead they're cooked lightly in oil and felt refreshingly healthy. It was all topped with a fresh apple slaw. With all those apples, the flavor wasn't even overpowering. 

My mom and sister ordered The Freshy Fresh (collard greens, white cheddar, roasted tomato, egg and she added tasso ham)  and The Black Dog (Tasso ham gravy, white cheddar grits, and jumbo shrimp). All of our meals were amazing. Of course, I liked mine the best. My sister enoyed hers even though she isn't much of a gravy lover. 

I will most definitely will be visiting whenever I'm passing through Richmond again. I can't recommend this place enough. It's no wonder that they were featured as one of the best brunches in America by TimeOut.