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Cafe du Monde: New Orleans, Louisiana

Cafe du Monde: New Orleans, Louisiana

The Scoop: 

Cafe du Monde is quite possibly the most famous restaurant in New Orleans. I headed to the 24/7 eatery to see what all the hype was about. They serve up beignets which are a staple in NOLA. Beignets are simply french-style doughnuts and since New Orleans is heavily influenced by French culture, it didn't surprise me that this place was a little sidewalk, open air cafe in the heart of the French Quarter. 

The Service: 

This joint is known for its crazy lines, every single day. However, the food Gods were looking out for me on that faithful day, because my cousin and I managed to table-stalk someone for only about 2 mins before they got up and we slid right in. A waiter immediately came to wipe the powdered covered table clean and took our order. 

At Cafe Du Monde just say you want an 'order' for three lovely beignets. Three of these bad boys only cost me $2.73- whoa! I honestly thought, it would cost more. My pockets and my tummy were happy. I also ordered an iced coffee Au Lait (coffee that is mixed half and half with hot milk) - the creamy consistency goes perfect with the beignets. 

Did you know?: Coffee was bought to the United States by way of New Orleans in the mid 1700's.  

The Food: 

Please believe the hype, y'all. Cafe du Monde was on my foodie list for a reason and I'm so glad that I experienced these little pockets of heaven. These beignets were light and fluffy with a slight crunch. They're so soft that they'll tenderly soak into your tastebuds. The powdered sugar dusted on top, adds to the rich, buttery flavor. 

My iced Coffe Au Lait was okay, but I totally wish I would have braved the humidity and opted for a hot Coffee Au Lait instead. I can see the warm coffee truly enriching the sweet flavor of the beignets. 

You Me Lunch & Travel Tip: Be prepared to wait. Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours a day and almost always has a line for takeaway and seated dining. It is worth it. 


Have you tried beignets?

What's the longest food line you've ever waited in?

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