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How To Get Your Travel Writing Published

How To Get Your Travel Writing Published

As a travel blogger one of my main goals has always been to be more than just another girl with a blog. I don't want to compete with other travel bloggers-there's already enough of that on the internet, but I do want to write and travel for a living. It's easy to start a blog, but it's hard to grow one. Recently, I decided that the only way to grow my blog is to grow my presence in the travel writing world. All the pretty Instagram pictures in the world won't make you a blogger, you actually have to write. *sighs* 

Here's the secret sauce to getting published with major publications. 

1. Know your worth

I'm not trying to get all fake deep here, but as a travel writer, you must know your worth. As a small blogger in a big pond, writing for lesser known publications before you can work your way up to major brands is crucial. Don't expect to have just started your blog yesterday and be writing for The Travel Chanel tomorrow. This game takes work so start small. 

2.  Research + read the guidelines

Before your wheels start churning, try doing a quick search of some of your favorite publications. You'll need to find their contributing writer guidelines to decide if you want to submit your content. Every publication has rules, some are harder than others. For example, it might be easier to write for a lifestyle brand like, POPSUGAR , than it is to start with writing for National Geographic. I'm not saying you shouldn't reach for the stars, but just do your research.

Check out POPSUGAR's guidelines.

3. Be Patient

Editors receive a ton of email pitches from other writers, just like you. So if they don't get back to you in a week or even two, there's still hope. In the mean time, just keep writing. Also don't rush on a piece. I know the feeling of wanting to hurry and submit, but these things take time. I usually start by writing a piece as freely as possible (mistakes and all) just to get my ideas out. Then I'll step away for a few hours or days and come back with a refreshed mind. Editing and proofreading should always come last, don't try to edit your brainstorming. 

4. Embrace rejection

Anytime that you decide to put your work out into the world, it's subject to being rejected. We've all been there. As a writer, not everyone will like your style, topic or the angle you choose. Most publications will let you know if they want to publish your piece within thirty days (but remember to check the guidelines). It's probably a safe bet to submit your piece to another publication after the thirty day mark. The nice thing about rejection is that sometimes you just won't hear back at all. I think no answer can be easier than one you didn't want to hear. 


I hope these tips helped! I started just by following publications that I admire on social and then looking into their submission process. I've been writing more this year than ever before because although we put a lot of work into our blogs, they don't always get the recognition we hope for. 

Check out my POPSUGAR article: '5 Reasons You Should Skip Rome and Head To Sperlonga, Italy, Instead. 

You can read all of my writing in the new, shiny 'Features' section. 

What's your dream publication to write for? Comment below!

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