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Tubing the San Marcos River with ATXcursions

Tubing the San Marcos River with ATXcursions

Ah, Texas. You light me up in new ways every time we meet. Is there any state comparable to you? You've got lakes, islands, mountains, the best tacos I've ever eaten and river tubing too. Seriously, Texas has everything you could ever want in a place. I digress, but I will say that spending a Sunday afternoon lazin' down the San Marcos River is one of the coolest things you'll do in the lone star state, trust me. 

This post is sponsored by ATXCursions. Of course, these are my own opinions and I will only partner with brands who I truly think are awesome. 


So you've spent the weekend in Austin double fisting drinks amongst the 6th street madness. I get it and I partake in the same debauchery every time I'm in town. But this visit was different. I'm an explorer by nature and wanted to see what else Texas had to offer. So I ditched the BBQ (although Texas BBQ is drool-worthy) and headed thirty minutes outside of Austin to float the river with ATXcursions

We woke up super early to meet our tour guide downtown at the Austin Vistor's Center. To keep it all the way real, I told my BF that we had to be there at 9:00 am for our 10:30 tour and I was wrong,-oops. Honestly, I'm glad we were early because tacos were involved in our wait (YAS!). 

After checking in with our lovely guides, we boarded a full yellow school bus and I couldn't help but think about how long it's been since I've sat in those bus seats #hellohighschool. We bought a 6-pack and wine along for the float. The bus ride was full of chatting friends, top 40 music and good vibes all around. I was just ready to get there and with each mile the anticipation built. Not to be dramatic, but I'd never done anything this cool. Floating and drinking? SCORE

Youmelunch&travel atxcursions


When we finally arrived to the San Marcos River, we hopped off the bus, grabbed our tubes (remember to choose one with a cup holder), loaded up our 'bartending' stations and hit the water. The water was cold AF, but that's why we brought alcohol. Surely the drinks warmed us up and about 10 minutes into the float we were all settled in. 


For the next 3 hours, we'd float, laugh and get stuck multiple times. Our guides had to pull us from a few little crooks. Tubing the river was so relaxing and serene. It's the perfect activity for a group of friends and even couples to do together. Floating for three hours without your cell phone will remind you of the golden days before we were attached to the little computers in our pockets. I promise you the conversation will be great because there's nothing but beauty surrounding you. 

I will say, don't be like Keith (My BF),  be sure to apply sunscreen. You'll be floating under direct sunlight for hours. He regretted that the next day in between runs to the store looking for aloe vera. 

I'm so glad that I found ATXcursions because I had the best time on this tour. It's the best 'tour' I've ever been on because it doesn't feel restricted like traditional tours do. If you're in Austin you have to hit the river. It'll be the best thing you did all weekend. 

youmelunch&travel atxcursions

My list of to do's when floating: 

- Bring sunscreen (hat+sunglasses)

-Pack drinks and snacks (a cooler + ice are included)

- Talk to strangers

- Interact with your guides (don't forget to tip them too!) 

- If you want to bring your phone for pictures, snaps and grams, grab an ifloat case first 

- Leave your worries on the bus and have the time of your life

- If you have an early ride on Sunday, buy your booze the day before

youmelunch&travel atxcursions


Big Thank you to ATXcursions for the ride! I'll be back to tube and will definitely be hopping on a brewery tour too. 

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What drinks & snacks would you bring for the perfect float? Comment below! 

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