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Stay: Lucky Lake Amsterdam- The hostel you'll never want to leave

Stay: Lucky Lake Amsterdam- The hostel you'll never want to leave

I've been to Amsterdam twice before this current Europe trip, but I knew I needed to see the city again. I truly wanted to experience all the quirks of the Dutch city. From its coffee shops to leaning architecture, Amsterdam is one of my favorites cities in the world. 

While in the city, I received a sponsored stay from Lucky Lake Hostel. As always, all the opinions in this blog are my own and I already knew that I would love the hostel. I'll only ever work with cool brands that I know you'll dig. 


Lucky Lake is Amsterdam's only caravan-style hostel. It is everything that #goals is made of. It's an actual Instagram post waiting to happen. The hostel is located just beyond Amsterdam's city limits (about 25 minutes away from central station) and is well connected with the best free shuttle service ever. The distance may worry you at first, but the magic of Lucky Lake will touch your spirit in a unmatched way. It's quite possibly the best hostel experience I've ever had. 

Here's the deal: LL is made up of 30-something caravans, cabins and dorms. Breakfast is served on an old yellow school bus and if that doesn't make you want to stay, nothing will. It's genius. 

We stayed in a yellow caravan and I will never forget it. It was so cute, homey and decked out in vintage decor. It looks like they hired Baddy Winkle to decorate and I say that in the most flattering way possible. Basically, get ready to have a photoshoot, we did. 

Photo by Lucky Lake Hostel

Photo by Lucky Lake Hostel

Instagram vanity aside, the staff at Lucky Lake is incredible. Getting to know them all over the course of a weekend, seriously felt like a lifetime. We left with genuine laughs, conversations and the best memories to date. From a smooth check-in at reception, ordering toasties (grilled cheese) at 11 PM to shuttle rides, every second felt oddly familiar. 

Getting to Lucky Lake: 

Don't let the distance scare you. Amsterdam's transportation system is very reliable. We felt well connected to the city center and had no trouble getting from the hostel to the city for attractions like visiting the Anne Frank House.

The best part is that Lucky Lake has free shuttle that will take you a 10 minute ride away to 'Amsterdam Holendrecht' station where you can get a direct train to 'Amsterdam Centraal' station (plus many others). I highly recommend buying a metro card because they are based on time instead of distance. So we picked up a 72 hour metro card for only 17 Euros and could ride an unlimited amount of times within those 72 hours. #Blessed.

You Me Travel_ Lucky Lake Hostel

I know what you're thinking, can I smoke at Lucky Lake? Of course you can. this is Amsterdam we're talking about. You can smoke everywhere in the common areas, other than within your caravan, cabin or dorm. There's also the Lucky Lounge, which is a great place to relax, but it also doubles a smoking room. Smoke in the hammocks, smoke at breakfast, smoke by the lake (a 5 min walk)- do you. 

You Me Travel_ Lucky Lake Hostel
You Me Travel_Lucky Lake Hostel
You Me Travel_Lucky Lake

What to do at Lucky Lake:

I'll be honest. When you're planning your trip, you will think about spending most of your time in the city center but you'll actually end up spending a decent amount of time at the hostel. To occupy your time, you can head to the lake (the weather wasn't in our favor on this trip) for kayaking, biking, paddle boarding and swimming. Grab a beer from reception and head to a bonfire island party or pull out your fishing rods by the water. Frankly, Lucky Lake has enough to be a vacation in and of itself, so it is truly what you make it. 

Eating at Lucky Lake:

Breakfast is free and goes until 11:30 AM for all you stoner kids. There's a choice of either eggs or pancakes on alternating days, bread, fruit and juice. It's simple and saves you a ton of money. Rent a bike for just 1.50 euros per hour and take a bike ride (15 minutes) to the nearest grocery store if you want to cook a few meals in the outdoor kitchen. Or be like us and never cook, yet eat 2 toasties per day (get the sweet chili dipping sauce and thank me later) for only 1.50 euro. Crazy. 

Simply put, Lucky Lake felt like home. If you want to have a unique experience in Amsterdam, you have to stay here. Plus, you'll look cute in all your grams'. Seriously, there's not one bad thing to say about this place. Keep in mind that you're sleeping outside, so there will be a few bugs in the room, but the linens and space are as clean as a whistle. I seriously want to work here- it's magical. 

See you soon, Lucky Lake!

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Please keep in mind that lucky lake is open from early spring to late summer. We stayed in mid-September during the last week for the season. Book your stay. Tell them that I sent you. 


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