How To Save $75 On Every Spirit Airlines Flight

Say what you want to about Spirit because I've heard it all. Yes, the seats are uncomfortable (their newer fleet has since been upgraded) and the flight attendant might not bow to you or treat you like royalty. So what. All the trash stories you hear about Spirit online might be true but that's not going to stop me from a cheap flight. 

I have a confession: I've flown with Spirit Airlines 8 times in 2017.

There, I said it. Spirit isn't as bad as people like to make it seem. My safety has never been in jepardy and the service has always been decent. I honestly think (well I know) that folks purposely buy a ticket just to complain about the service. If your mom, auntie and neighbor already told you not to fly with them and you're a person who doesn't form your own opinions (yes, that's shade) then why did you buy the ticket?

However, if you're a person who can think for yourself then here's everything you need to know about getting Spirit Airline flights for THE LOW. Side bar: PLEASE forget what you heard about having to pay for every checked bag. It's true but it's also 2018 and I'm still trying to figure out why y'all are checking bags for a weekend trip to Miami. I went to Europe for three weeks with a carry-on. It CAN be done. Oh and Southwest 'gives' you two free checked bags BUT 1.) You don't need that much luggage 2.) Those two 'free' bags are inflating the price of your ticket. 

I'd rather pay less and get less too. 

At the end of the day, no one is saying the Spirit is Emirates. I also like to think about it like this: Spirit is a domestic airline so at most you'll be on their plane for 5-6 hours. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the furtherest they go south is Costa Rica. Say you're flying from Washington, D.C. to Dallas, Texas - that's only a 1 hr 30 min flight. I can put up with lackluster service for an hour and so can you. If it were an international flight, things would be different. 

The number one Spirit Airlines travel hack you need to know: buy your tickets at the airport. 

If you're lucky enough to live within a reasonable driving distance to the airport you should be going to the Spirit desk to purchase your flight. I live twenty minutes from my home airport, so I decided that the drive was worth the savings.

The Hack: When purchasing a Spirit Airlines ticket online or via telephone, passengers incur a "Passenger Usage Charge" of 19.99 each way. That's an extra $39.98 on a round-trip ticket. Sorry, I'm not sure if you heard me. AN EXTRA $40.00 on every Spirit Airline ticket you've ever bought. The fee is tacked on as a conveience fee but somehow magically disappers when you book in person. You have to understand that because Spirit is a low fares, no frills airline they can (and will) add in 'fees' wherever they can. Sorry, Spirit - I'm not here for it. 

No checked bag = A savings of $35

Booking at the airport = A savings of $39.98 (Roundtrip)

You just saved $75 on one flight. 

But folks want to complain about a rude flight attendant. BE RUDE TO ME. I don't care. This flight was $2.00. I've been about budget travel and I will continue to be as long as blessings like this keep dropping from the travel gods.

Skeptics, please see below: 

 "Passenger Usage Charge"  

"Passenger Usage Charge"  

This is the original flight $132.58 for one person, RT

 This is my ticket purchased at the airport. $185.20 for TWO people RT

This is my ticket purchased at the airport. $185.20 for TWO people RT

The best part about buying at the airport? They treat it just like you purchased online. This means you have 24 hours to cancel or change the flight and you get an email copy too. 

Have you ever flown with Spirit? Would you after learning this hack?

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