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My First Month In London | 4 Instgramable places to visit in London

My First Month In London | 4 Instgramable places to visit in London

So I’ve been in London for about a month now and settling in has been quite the journey. After three weeks, I’m still jet lagged and staying up until 2 AM every night. I’m struggling to find routine in a place that feels so familiar. It’s been quite a challenge to get my routine established and to conquer my need to be a night owl but I’ve still had some very eventful days here.

Even on the rainiest days, I still love this city. Honestly, the rain isn’t even that bad because it’s often over quickly but I can see how someone could become depressed while living here, especially in the wintertime.

I decided to revisit some of my favorite places like Camden Locke Market, an outdoor street food market. They have all kinds of food from Burgers to Ethiopian Coffee and everything in between. Forget what you heard about the food in London being nasty - you heard wrong. Camden Locke Market is the perfect example of the array of foods available in London. So come hungry and ready to eat your way through Camden. I recommend bringing a few friends and purchasing food from multiple stalls to share because you’re going to want to try everything.

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One of the best things about living in London is the amount of lush, green spaces there are. I love retreating to parks midday or just after school for some relaxation. Being in these spaces helps to decompress from the stressors of living in a big city and it’s the only place where I slow my strides and breathe a bit easier. This month I visited Regent’s Park because it’s super close to where I live - how nice?! It’s a very peaceful place to sit and think. I often bring my journal and write poetry or pen some reflections from the week.

YouMe Travel_Cereal Killer Cafe

I’ve really enjoyed revisiting some of the places I grew to love during my last stay in London. Nostalgia is something that cannot being denied. When I am home, I experience deep nostalgia for anything virtually related to London so I had to revisit the infamous Cereal Killer Cafe. Picture 90’s music, 80’s video games, Spice Girl wallpaper and every retro cereal you’ve ever eaten - that’s Cereal Killer. I won’t chat too much about this one as it’s been featured on the blog before but it’s a must-do in London for my 90’s babies.

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Then we went to Portobello Road to check out the cute, colorful houses of Notting Hill. If it’s your first time in London this neighborhood is a must-see. You’ll be surrounded by cute shops with neat trinkets, cafes and posh houses. Your IG pics will be on point.

Keep following along as I’ll be exploring the UK on my free days, updating y’all on what it’s like to live & work in London and dropping more poetry visuals.

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