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 Hotel Revival in Baltimore, Maryland

Hotel Revival in Baltimore, Maryland

I moved to London in September. This isn’t my first time living abroad so missing birthdays and special events is something I’ve learned to deal with. Living abroad really teaches you that life goes on with or without you. Although, I’m used to the FaceTime’s with family and the hour-long phone calls, this time was different. I had never missed a Christmas with my family - ever.

In fact, I don’t think I could (not yet at least) because my mom would not have it. She’s such a holiday person and she loves when we’re all together having a good time. My mom might’ve been more excited than I was for me to come home. To be quite frank, I was ready to get the hell out of London. Don’t get me wrong, I love this city but my living situation here isn’t ideal - it’s actually depressing - and I have a lot of school work so I was just all around stressed. I was looking forward to going home to decompress, see family, eat EVERYTHING (which I definitely did) and explore my hometown, Baltimore.

Christmas with my family was lovely as always. We shared plenty of laughs and meals which is all I need in this life. While I was exploring the city, I ended up staying at Hotel Revival, Baltimore’s newest boutique hotel. I remember hearing about their opening sometime last year while I was working in hospitality. It was exciting that a new, quirky hotel was opening up just down the freeway because the hotel I worked at was stuffy and corporate with no real personality. I’m so glad that I finally made it to Hotel Revival and I’m happy to be sharing it here, with you.

The Review:

From the moment you enter the hotel there’s cozy corners, pops of color, interesting decor and a smiling staff. I really loved the case full of local goods like the candle I purchased from Knit, Soy and Metal (it smells heavenly by the way). There’s neon signs and even a colorful flower wall which I snapped a picture in front of on my very first visit here:

The hotel is drippy y’all from the lobby to the room to the rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the city. It’s obvious that the designers thought about every detail here and they didn’t miss one beat in my opinion. It’s gorgeous.

The room itself is cozy. Decked in wood, featuring a king size wooden platform bed, cotton murals on the wall and a pink chair for a pop of color. The bathroom was my favorite part of the room - it often is. You’ll find marble sinks, old, vintage floor tiles from when this place it was still an old apartment building. The natural light peaking in from the large windows was beautiful in the morning and I didn’t want to check out, honestly.

Check out the gallery below:

Did I mention Baltimore is my favorite place in the world? And Black people are my favorite people in the world. Although this hotel isn’t Black-owned, they employ a large amount of Black Baltimoreans while also selling the goods of local-Black owned brands, so I was more than happy to stay here and spend all my coin. Please spend yours too and stay here when you’re in town.

Have you ever been to Baltimore? Let me know if you’re headed there soon!

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