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More Than Miami: Official Recap

More Than Miami: Official Recap

It's taken me a month to fully process that this event actually happened. It started as an idea and being the sporadic person I am, I just jumped up, set a date and made it happen. I used to think it was cliche when people said they couldn't have done something without certain people. Forgive me for that because I know that this event wouldn't have been the same without SO many people. 

It's really true that people who you don't know will support you (another cliche that's not so cliche after all). The number of people from the internet who I'd never met who came out was amazing. Speaking of internet homies. OUR PANEL WAS LIT. Taylor, Ashlee, and Brian dropped travel gems all night long. 

Taylor is a huge fan of group travel and often goes on group trips of 8 - 10 people. He even has the lowdown on Yacht week in Croatia. 

Ashlee talked traveling while working full time and the benefits of being a Foreign Service Officer. 

Brian spoke of his time in Kenya teaching and connecting with local children during his experience. 

Huge thank you to our sponsor, Tito's Vodka. Word is the drinks were a little strong (but in a good way) lol. 

Again, I am still at a loss for words. I will say that the energy in the room felt so good and everyone was there to really connect with other like-minded travelers. Most folks that I spoke to told me how much they learned and that's why this event was born.

To connect and learn. 

Shoutout to Elena of Belle Imagery Portraits for believing in me, supporting me and being dope AF. All photography below is her's. Please tag @belleimageryportraits if you repost any photos on social media. Also shoutout to Chef Demetri on the culturally-inspired light bites. From Ricotta & Onion Jam Flatbread to Jamaican Jerk Chicken sliders, our bellies were happy. 

Special thank you to my sister, Brittany. I literally couldn't have done this without you. She helped with everything from coordinating, event management and design. Need an event coordinator? She's your gal! 

Thank you to all my friends/family who came out to support again, I love you all very much and can't wait until this event series is huge and I can look back and remember that y'all were there from the beginning.

I am forever grateful. 

What's next?

This event was a success so there's no stopping here - we're going to keep this thing going. #MoreThanMiami will be back this summer with another pop up (with a brand new twist)! The only thing to decide where to next? 

Comment below or shoot me a DM/email and let me know what city we should pop up in next!

West Coast Food Tour: LA > San Francisco

West Coast Food Tour: LA > San Francisco

MORE THAN MIAMI: I'm having my first travel event!

MORE THAN MIAMI: I'm having my first travel event!