My Ancestry DNA | 23andMe Results

Back in December, I scammed my dad into doing his 23andMe so I could get the $79 coupon code. The test was pretty easy and fun to do. It takes a lot of spit so be prepared for that!

They send a box with the testing tubes to your door, you spit in them and return. In about 6 weeks, you get your results via email. I was super excited to see the percentages of everything. Of course, I knew I'd be mostly African (woot-woot) and turns out I am 62% West African. The only thing about 23andMe that is disappointing is their results are broken down by region, not by country. So I still don't know what countries my ancestors were from. 

I talk about making peace with that fact through travel in this video

On the other hand, the test surprised me with my European heritage. My mom's dad was half Irish and half black. However, I wasn't expecting to be 21.8% European. Like damn?! That's TOO white for me. The next category was East Asian & Native American. I've known since I was a kid that my dad's mom and grandma were Filipino. They were born in America and never visited the Philippines (as far as I know) so no one knew much about the culture to pass onto me. 

I am very excited to possibly check the Philippines and West Africa (or East Africa - my best friend is living in Ethiopia right now) off my list this year. 

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