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Why I Moved To London

Why I Moved To London

After months of anxiousness about my move, I’m finally here y’all. I’m talking nail biting nervousness. I was going through it for months. Filling out applications, writing a mission statement for grad school, waiting to hear back about a scholarship, the UK visa process and packing my whole life into a few suitcases. All of this coupled with the fact that I still had to do regular adult things like remembering to pay my bills on time and saving money.

I officially moved to London and will be here for the next year (or so) and I’m so excited. The level of graditude that I have for the universe and the special people in my life is immense. If you’re new here, I’m a 23 year old traveler whose first-ever jaunt abroad was to come study abroad in London during my junior year of college.

I’ve since graduated and did the whole corporate America mumbo jumbo for one year. I was tired of the rat race so I decided to apply to graduate school in London during Spring of 2018. About a month passed until I found out that I got accepted. I was excited but also nervous to tell my friends, family and job that I was running off to London, again. This time was different. I wasn’t in school and I couldn’t blame it on wanting a new ‘experience’ because it technically wasn’t new. I didn’t want people to think I was running away from my life at home or my responsibilities but in a way, that’s absolutely what I was thinking when hit the send button on my application.

There was a lot of hope and crossed fingers tangled in that application. I knew that leaving would give me the pause on adult life that I desperately needed. Road rage, an expensive apartment and credit card bills had worn me thin. By going to school again I wouldn’t be completely voided of my adult life but the chance to be a student (with virtually no ‘responsibilities’) sounded blissful.

Once I was accepted, I knew I had to figure out my money situation. My parents weren’t going to sign their names on yet another dotted line and I spent the year just trying to survive, so a savings fund didn’t even exist. For years, I’ve been saying I am never going to get a Masters degree unless someone else (i.e. a job, scholarship, sugar daddy, baby daddy etc) paid for it. I can’t even look at my undergrad student loan debt without wanting to cry so loans weren’t an option.

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I started my search on Masters Portal and somehow ended up right back to the school I studied abroad at two years ago. I took it as a sign and searched their scholarships page. I scrolled and scrolled at first feeling disappointed by the options and then I saw my future staring me right in the face.

There was a scholarship being awarded to four American students for the 2018/2019 school year, tuition was free and it also included free accommodation and other perks like flight reimbursement. As a travel blogger having my flights reimbursed was like hitting the lottery.

Looking for more scholarship opportunities? Visit Scholarship Portal.

Seriously though, I knew this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. This felt too good to be true. After a year of feeling unfulfilled in my corporate America life, I was glad to hang up my slacks and trade in boring button down blouses for a more relaxed life as a student. 

Can we talk about how draining and discouraging post grad life can be? My past year was the complete opposite of what I hoped it would be. I was living in a different world from the one I imagined as an anxious undergraduate student waiting to cross the stage. It’s like as soon as I grabbed my diploma, reality sat in that life after graduation would be full of disappointment, joblessness, being underpaid and living just to work. 

 Do I really want this for myself? Do I have to struggle like this to get what I’ve been told is achievable? These were questions I asked myself all year long and in the end I still was drawing a blank. It was then that I knew I had to get out of America and really live the life abroad that I day dreamed about. I realize that education isn’t always the most ideal way to live abroad but it’s often the easiest. 

Getting this masters degree will help me gain the skills I need to make more money, have access to higher paying opportunities and the network to support my dreams while still being able to travel. The access of travel throughout Europe is insane. One time I bought a flight from London to Dublin for $20 - crazy, I know.

European travel is insanely cheap and so am I. 

London is special to me and I’m enjoying finding new ways to love it. My life here has already led me to a new bartending gig slinging cocktails in Dalston - yay! Basically, I’m here to collect skills, friends and money. 




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