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The 7 Best Black Travel Groups For Solo Travelers

The 7 Best Black Travel Groups For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone can be a risk. Sure, having the freedom to do whatever you want when you want to is nice but solo travel isn’t enjoyable for everyone. Sometimes you want other people to share special moments with. Black people tend to travel in groups and by nature humans like to group ourselves with people like ourselves. Perhaps there are reasons which might link to our ancestral African roots of living and working in tight-knit communities, but traveling with a group of diverse Black travelers can be a really fun way to explore a new place.

Solo travel is cool but it can be lonely sometimes. Like that one time I traveled solo to The Philippines and was watching the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen all while wishing my best friend was there to share it with me.

Let’s be real, having a travel buddy to take your picture is better than trying to prop your camera up on ledges in hopes of getting the perfect angle. Exploring with a group gives you the social aspect of travel which can make navigating a new city easier. If you’re looking to experience adventure and immersive travel with a group these seven black travel groups are for you (for us, by us).

The O.G. Black Travel Group

1. Nomadness Travel Tribe

This travel tribe was founded in 2011 before black travel was flooding our Instagram timelines. Founder, Evita Robinson, gave a powerful Ted Talk about her humble beginnings where she also explains how Nomadness was a catalyst in sparking the black travel movement. Best part? You only need one passport stamp to join this tribe. When you join, you’ll get access to their private Facebook group of over 20,000 members who travel together, swap travel tips and some have even started businesses together.

They host group trips (and international events) to places like Spain, Dominican Republic, India and more. Most recently, Evita has created the first festival celebrating black travel. Audacity Fest is an interactive festival for travelers of color to connect, learn and be inspired. There are six areas of travel represented through panels and vendors: culinary, self-care, immersive, adventure, budget and luxury.

Been hoping for a festival for Black Travelers? Look no further, y’all.

Best Black Travel Groups For Women

2. Las Moreans de Espana

If a slow travel, women-only retreat along the coast of Spain sounds like your thing, you’ll want to join a Las Morenas de Espana retreat. Since 2018, LMDES has been hosting getaways in Spain for women of color who are looking to connect with other like-minded travelers while exploring Spanish cities.

This isn’t just any retreat. LMDES hosts workshops during the trip on topics like moving abroad and navigating blackness in different countries. One of the coolest things about an LMDES getaway is that you will get to go on a black history tour to learn about the history of Black people in that city dating back centuries ago.

Ready to join a group of lovely black women while sipping wine at a Spanish vineyard, go head’ sis.

3. Black Girls Travel Too

A black women’s travel community for black women and founded by a black woman, Black Girls Travel Too is a women only collective planning various group trips every year. Group trips have been held in destinations like Barbados and Cuba. The trips are designed to leave travelers feeling empowered.

BGTT has built a large online community of black women travelers. These women come together for a good time while traveling but also to engage in voluntourism too. Previous trips have included volunteering with local communities in Barbados. When BGTT isn’t on the road, their cultivating community and sharing awesome travel tips on their Instagram feed.

Love connecting with like-minded black women? Book that flight, sis.

Best Black Travel Groups If You Want To Volunteer

4. Wind Collective

The London based travel group, Wind Collective has only been around since 2017 but they’re already disrupting the industry. Founded by two black millennials, Wind Collective really delivers on their mission of being a creative global traveling community. They organize group trips all over the world from Europe to The Americas and Africa, too. The collective doubles as a content agency and works with hotels and tourism boards to create diverse travel content.

Love volunteering? Every Wind Collective Trip includes a chance to impact the local community during ‘Give Back Sessions.’ On any given day, you can watch WC’s Instagram stories and find them salsa dancing in Cuba with local Afro Cubans or visiting San Basilio de Palenque, the Colmobian neighborhood where African slaves first settled.

Wind Collective trips are perfect for creatives, adventurous travelers, people craving culturally immersive trips and for those who want to have a good black ass time in general.

Love volunteering and appreciate culture immersion, pack your bags now!

5. One Love Travel Club

If you’re looking to volunteer in the destination that you travel to, One Love Travel Club is the community for you. Membership is free and you are in just from signing up for their newsletter. When you can began to surf their itineraries, where you’ll find group trips to amazing destinations like Thailand, Kenya and Brazil.

Every Once Love Travel Club trip includes a full volunteer day where you will contribute to giving back to the country in an authentic way. If you’re a black vegan, you’ll love this travel club because every trip includes vegan food options.

Feeling adventurous? Soon, you could be chasing waterfalls in Bali.

Best Black Travel Groups For Singles

6. Haywire Weekend

Listen all of us like to turn up but sometimes all you want from a trip is to be lit the entire time - I get it. If you’re trying to twerk on the side of a yacht or swag surf on an island wit’ ya people then Haywire Weekend is for you. The US-based black travel group does epic island trips that promises to be the best weekend of your life. Think Ibiza for Memorial Day weekend or spending a long weekend in a Costa Rica.

If luxury villas are your thing, you’ll love Haywire Weekend group trips. The also offer really affordable trips to domestic destinations like The Hamptons. Haywire is perfect for the 9-5’er looking to maximize their weekends and use vacation days strategically.

Single and ready to meet bae? You and somebody’s son (or daughter) could meet in paradise.

7. Yacht Week East Africa

If you’ve ever heard of how epic yacht week in Croatia is, Yacht Week East Africa is the same idea only blacker and better. I’ve read stories about black groups traveling to Croatia for yacht week and not having the best time due to various reasons but some include listening to techno music all weeklong.

Hey, if that’s your thing then cool because I know black people are not a monolith. But if you and your friends go off without hesitation when you here “Cash money records taking over for the 99’s and the 2000’s then YWEA is for you.

You’ll spend an eventful week at sea (there are some land days included too) in a beautiful East African country like Seychelles surrounded by other black people looking to connect with like minded travelers. It’s a win-win.

If fine ass black people and island hopping on the continent sounds like a great time, look no further.


8. You Me Travel Co

Did you know that I own a boutique travel planning company? Now you do - shameless plug. You Me Travel Co is a travel company helping and inspiring black millennials to see the world through customized travel planning, travel meetup events and group trips.

This year we’ll be traveling to Ghana for The Year Of Return festivities. It’s been 400 years since our ancestors were stolen from the shores of West Africa and brought to The Americas against our will. Now, we’re traveling back to our ancestral home to discover our ancestral roots and turn up in the motherland (because we can be sophisticated and ratchet at the same damn time). If you want to travel to Ghana with a black millennial travel group, book your spot!

Our itinerary activities include:

  • Accra City Tour: Visit historical landmarks like Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

  • Hit the beach and chase waterfalls. Jet skis anyone?

  • Attend Official Year of Return events including music festival, Afrochella

  • Explore Cape Coast - Connect with our ancestral roots & attend a naming ceremony

  • Indulge in Ghanaian cuisine

  • Shop the local markets and join a cooking class

  • Exploring Accra’s nightlife

  • Attend Official Year of Return events including African music festival, Afrochella

  • Accommodations in private villa-style apartments

Whats included?

All of the activities listed above are included in addition to:

  • Round trip airport transfers

  • Transportation to all itinerary activities

  • Meals listed on the trip itinerary (7 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners)

  • Professional photographs from the trip

  • A You Me Travel Co neighborhood guide to the best restaurants, markets and nightlife spots in Accra

  • A You Me Travel Co guide to finding cheap flights

What’s not included?

  • Flights are not included (but we can help you track them to find the best deals)

  • Other meals not listed on the itinerary

  • Costs associated with some opt-in activities like jet sking or cabana rentals.

  • Transportation to non-itinerary events or activities

Travel with You Me Travel Co to Ghana December 27, 2019 - January 4, 2020 for $1,250 USD.

Book your spot with only a $150 deposit.

Planning a trip soon? I own a boutique travel planning company and we can help you plan trips to 35+ destinations. Start planning here.

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