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How To Spend a Weekend In Lagos, Portugal

How To Spend a Weekend In Lagos, Portugal


Bura Surfhouse

I chose Bura over some of the other places in town because it looked peaceful and I’m so glad that I did. From hammocks by the pool, 1 euro cups of sangria and cozy living spaces, Bura Surfhouse was good retreat in Lagos. The surfhouse is a hostel and I paid about €22.00 per night. The beds were comfortable however I do wish that the beds and lockers weren’t metal (this made them look at bit outdated to me). Otherwise, the hostel was sparkling clean and always tidy.

Breakfast was served in the morning and was very simple but they had pancakes or crepes on some days. Cheap family style dinners are served every night but I never had the chance to attend. However, I spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool and can say that the sangria and quesadilla are delicious. I was the only black traveler here but everyone was friendly and helpful.



This place does chargrilled food extremely well. It was so good that I went back two nights in a row for the same exact meal. I ordered the ‘catch of the day’ and watched the chef season and grill my fish to perfection just a few steps from my table. Portugal definitely has some of the best fish I’ve ever had while traveling. That’s saying a lot because I’m from Baltimore.

The white interiors are reminiscent of Greece. It feels like a cozy cave and is right by the water making it the perfect dinner spot - romantic, too.


Praia de Marinha

Everyone told me to go here and it’s easy to see why. It was beautiful and the perfect way to spend a full afternoon - hiking and exploring. The trails almost seemed never ending and there was so many different angles and views to take in the landscape with. At one point, I found myself sitting near the edge of a cliff while eating an orange. One of the most peaceful moments of my trip.

The hiking isn’t difficult for the most part. There were harder hills to climb but I didn’t walk the full length. After taking in the views from the top, I headed to the base of the beach to be seaside. Even on a cloudy day, the blue hues still popped. The beauty of this region is immaculate.

Praia de Camilo

I spent my last few hours in Lagos here - best decision ever. This beach is quite popular as it’s alot closer to Lagos’ city center than Praia de Marinha. My uber ride here only costed 3 euros. This beach is where you should come if you want to hop on a boat tour through the grotto and Bengali cave areas. There are a bunch of restaurants nearby.

One of the best views I saw here look like it was straight from a postcard:

Extreme Algarve - Surfing

I came to Portugal with one thing I had to do before leaving: surfing. I’d never surf before and recently learned about the beautiful young black Haiwiann surfer, Dominique Miller. I wanted to try my hand at the sport and decided to book a tour through Bura and their partner company Extreme Algarve. For 60 euros, I got a 3 hour lessons, wetsuit + board and lunch.

It was a really good time. I didn’t stand up once - mind y’all business. But I WAS SO TIRED. Like I’ve never been more tired in my life but it was worth it. I had fun learning the techniques and honestly, just being in the water was refreshing. The water is my natural habitat so I had fun just being there. The instructors were welcoming and helpful. It was a great experience and next time I will stand up even if it kills me!

shot on #35mm

shot on #35mm

Enjoy photos shot on film from the trip below:

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